Strategic priority grants

Strategic priority grants

This strategic priority grants scheme supports projects that focus on the implementation of the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework and respective faculty Learning and Teaching plans.

The revised grants application process has been designed to attract high quality Learning and Teaching activity proposals from across the University. Please note:

  • projects may vary in scope and budget
  • projects may be based on work that has already commenced
  • ideally, pilots will be scalable and sustainable with local testing of newer priorities possible
  • priority will be given to projects that demonstrate broad collaboration and student involvement
  • preference will be given to activities that specifically support Macquarie’s Learning and Teaching strategic funding priority areas.

Learning and Teaching strategic priority areas 

These areas are:

  • digital strategy (including MOOCs, fully online learning)
  • student engagement (including blended classrooms)
  • student employability (including micro-learning)
  • academic integrity
  • innovative assessment
  • professional skills development
  • collaboration with industry
  • flexible use of learning spaces.

Important dates 2017

Thursday 17 AugustDeadline to notify your faculty Associate Deans, Learning & Teaching
Friday 18 AugustDeadline to notify of intention to apply to Office of PVC L&T (by ADs Learning & Teaching)
Monday 21 AugustPitch session for all registered and notified applicants
31 DecemberBudget spend completed by all successful grant applicants

What is the process?

  1. Consult
    All staff interested in applying for grants are strongly encouraged to consult with their Faculty Associate Dean Learning and Teaching or Unit/Business Directors to discuss project ideas. Associate Deans Learning and Teaching / Directors are asked to supply a list of intending and faculty endorsed applicants as per the noted deadline, prior to the pitch session. 
  2. Apply
    Complete and submit the short application form. 
  3. Present your idea
    All applicants will have the opportunity to pitch their application idea to the panel. 
  4. Project budget
    All successful applicants will be asked to submit a project budget using the budget template. 
  5. Manage your project


Applicants are asked to use the shortened and simplified application form. You may (in addition) attach a project outline of no more than 500 words (1-page) summarising the proposed project and briefly address (as necessary):

  • the team involved
  • the aims of the project
  • estimated timeframe
  • connection to University strategy and strategic priorities
  • approximate budget

It’s intended the five minute pitch session to the panel will provide a forum where further information may be sought or provided.

This application should be submitted to: no later than 10am Friday 18 August 2017.

The pitch 

Applicants will have five minutes to present their proposal. You’re welcome to use any reasonable resources that may assist in conveying your idea. In your pitch, consider addressing (as necessary):

  • the team, including why each team member is involved
  • the motivation and aims of the project
  • outline how the project connects to University strategy and strategic priorities
  • how the project will be conducted to achieve the stated aims
  • identify any significant project components and include any additional support requirements

The panel will have a further three minutes to raise questions or seek clarity following each pitch.

The panel will make recommendations regarding successful projects and the level of funding to be provided. The panel may vary project budgets and make recommendations for broader partnerships where required.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria will include:

  • activities that specifically support Macquarie’s Learning and Teaching strategic funding priority areas
  • potential to make a positive and ongoing impact upon teaching practice and learning outcomes at Macquarie University
  • potential for development of further grant proposals (internal and external) to expand and/or extend the project outcomes
  • generally funding is used for non-recurrent essential items required for the development, management, implementation and reporting of the project. These items may include support services, teaching relief, specialist expertise, production and design services and events that support the objectives of the project.

Written feedback will be provided to successful and unsuccessful applications. It is possible that a faculty or Office may not receive all (or any) funding in any year.


Once the panel has made a go ahead recommendation on your project, project or team leaders will be asked to submit any amended grant application paperwork and a full budget using templates provided. The application template and the budget template will identify the project details, itemise the budget requirements and reflect any in-kind items.

Check list:

  • address all criteria
  • provide the itemised budget(s) in one excel document, with the grand total on the first sheet and separate tabs for each project. Please keep the budget separate from your application.
  • all files to be supplied as Word and Excel files respectively.

Grant management 

All projects must assign a Project Lead who has ultimate responsibility for the management and accountability of the project including succession planning if team members are no longer able to participate.

Where variations to panel approved projects and budgets may be required, Project Leads are required to contact the Office and discuss options. Associate Deans L&T / Directors should be cc’d in this correspondence.

Carry-over is rarely approved between calendar years; it is the expectation that funds must be spent within the timeframe approved by the panel. Unspent funding will be recovered by the Office of Financial Services.

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