Teaching delivery grant previous winners

Teaching delivery grant previous winners


Name Department Unit Code and Title  
Dr Alexandra Woods Ancient History Mediating Student Learning: Archaeology and Social Media in the 21st Century.  A case study on AHIS170: Egyptian Archaeology-an Introduction  
Associate Professor Ken Sheedy Ancient History AHIS100: Ancient Greece: Tyrrany and Democracy 800-399 BC; AHIS110 Rome: From Republic to Empire; AHIS211 Ciceronian Rome; AHIS212 Rome and the Caesars; AHIS342 Rome's Persian Wars; AHIS392 Cultural Heritage; HST225 Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age (OUA); AHPG886 Methodology in Ancient Art History  
Dr Elizabeth Kefallinos International Studies MGK231 Greek for Special Purposes  
Dr Victoria Flanagan English ENGL875 Literature and Writing in Critical And Creative Contexts  
Dr Sean Brawley Modern History, Politics and International Relations Masters of Global Governance and Security (New Masters co-convened with Plymouth University and Britannia Royal Naval College)  
Dr Fei Liu Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences CBMS 204/208 laboratory teaching: a laboratory activity watcher (LAW) for integrating laboratory learning  
Dr Shane Magee Applied Finance Centre AFCP613/813 Financial Statement Analysis and Modelling; ECFS867 Financial Instruments; AFCP802 Professional Practice  
Dr James Cummings Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies AFIN818 Investments  
Dr Sandie Suchet-Pearson Environment and Geography ENVG340 Environmental Management  
Professor Deborah Richards Computing Validating the effectiveness of the Moodle Engagement Block (MEB) and piloting a student alert system to optimise retention


Name Department Unit Code and Title Documentation
Ms Scarlet An and Ms Deidre Seeto FBE MKTG802 Marketing Communications, MKTG804 E-Business Marketing, MKTG811 Brand Management, AFIN837 Capital Markets, ACCG822 Information Systems in Business Application
Dr Panos Vlachopoulos; Dr Michael Cavanagh and Professor Lori LockyerLTC and Education EDCN862 and EDUC258 Application
Associate Professor Lawrence Ang and Dr Yvonne Breyer FBE

MKTG204 Integrated Marketing Communications

Associate Professor Anne Cooper and Dr Tim KyngMAFC and AFASDeveloping gateway units in the Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Application
  • Ms Corrinne Franklin and Associate Professor Michelle Trudgett; Dr Trudy Ambler; Dr Panos VlachopoulosIndigenous Studies, Arts and LTCN/A
  • Application
  • Dr Panos Vlachopoulos and Ms Deidre SeetoLTC

    Compressed and postgraduate curriculum

    Dr Marina Harvey LTC FOHS300
    Professor Scott Koslow Marketing & Management Applying Social Media Methods to On-Line Teaching: The Case of BUS800 E-Commerce Strategy
    Dr Tom Murray MMCCS MAS212: Introduction to Screen Production
    Ms Helen Slatyer Linguistics Graduate Certificate in Community Interpreting


    Name Department Unit Code and Title Documentation
    Dr Roselyne Joyeux Dept of Economics ECON131- Quantitative Methods in Economics, Business and Finance
    Mr Karl Van Dyke Dept of Ancient History AHIS 140 - Myth in the Ancient World
    Dr Stephney Whillier Dept of Chiropractic HLTH214 - Anatomical Sciences IV: Neuroanatomy
    Dr Sue Wright Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies AFIN252 - Applied Financial Analysis and Management
    Associate Professor Ian Solomonides Learning and Teaching Centre Session 3
    Mr Paul Duckett Dept of Biological Sciences BIOL777 Scientific research diver
    Mr Paul Duckett Dept of Biological Sciences Level 700 Masters in Conservation and Management

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