ISP previous winners

ISP previous winners

The grants scheme managed by The Education Studio on behalf of the University - the Innovation and Scholarship Program - actively seeks to support individual or group projects proposed by staff or students that are creative and innovative, scholarly and extensible.


Project Lead Project Title Amount Poster
Dr Danny Liu Holistic learning analytics for learning design and student success $57,000 Download poster
Dr Cassi Liardet Academic communication: Decoding disciplinary expectations $54,000 Download poster
Ms Natalie Spence Presentations: supporting a key skill $41,000 Download poster
Mr Dan Daugaard Industry oriented teaching: Industry platforms embedded in the curriculum $15,000 Download poster
Dr Rod Lane 21st century teachers: Creating capacity for accreditation using mobile and tablet technology $58,911 Download poster
Associate Professor Catherine McMahon Developing shared resources for inter-professional education $53,059 NA
Dr Leanne Armand Strategic Marine Alliance for Research, Teaching and Training (SMART2) $60,000 NA
Ms Tessa Green Facilitating a community of practice in student writing: Training students to be effective peer writing tutors $59,911 NA
Dr Bianca de Wit A scalable, cost-effective, and highly immersive lab-based approached to undergraduate teaching in the cognitive and brain sciences $55,073 NA


Project Lead Project Title Amount Poster
Dr Mauricio Marrone Ethics MVP: An interactive game to immerse learning in ethical decision making $23,879 Download poster
Dr Juliet Lum & Prof Phillip Benson Fostering autonomy through peer-accountability groups for off-campus HDR candidates $24,875 Download poster
Dr Katey De Gioia The digital teacher: Capturing evidence and reflection using mobile and tablet technologies $7,103 Download poster
Dr Matt Bower Preparing Macquarie for a transparent world - rethinking learning and teaching in the context of wearable technologies $8,600 Download poster
Miss Marian Casey Alternate strategies for teaching anatomy: Using body painting to teach qualified doctors $14,030 Download poster
Associate Professor Felicity Cox Online phonetic transcription application $7,900 Download poster
Dr Mitch Parsell Innovations in formative feedback: Part 2 $8,000  
Prof Yi Qian (itsu Sen) Determining characteristics of successful coronary anastomosis procedures $24,935 Download poster
Ms Beverley Miles Onsite/offsite insights: Becoming independent researchers and twenty-first century professionals through archaeological fieldwork training $24,947 Download poster
Ms Helen Carter Matchmaking: Development of a professional practice and research framework for seeding cross-institutional, work integrated learning projects $7,800 Download poster
Associate Professor Kirstie Fryirs Improving pedagogical outcomes by integrating tablet technology into field-based tertiary and industry learning and teaching $8,000


Project Lead Project Title Amount
Dr Lorna Barrow The delivery and problems associated with innovative learning to the prison student population: Working towards a better outcome $19,094
Dr Matt Bower Augmenting our reality at Macquarie: Exploration, showcase, and professional learning $19,696
Professor John Cartmill From bedside to bench: using clinical approaches to optimise safety in the laboratory $14,260
Professor David Christian Making it real: The cosmic background radiation explorer app $19,340
Mr Oliver Coady Collaborative driven learning: Innovative practice of collaborating editing $19,103
Associate Professor Greg Downey Innovations in hands-on anthropology: 3D printed bone fragments $20,790
Dr Brigitte Jandey & Dr Marika Kalyuga From universal to culture-specific concepts: a cognitive linguistic approach to teaching different languages (applications to French and Russian) $19,913
Dr Juliet Lum Synchronous computer-mediated writing groups for HDR candidates $19,182
Professor Catherine Lumby Learning and teaching social media $18,978
Professor John Magnussen Digitisation, 3D modelling, analysis, preservation and replication of small objects of antiquity $19,998
Associate Professor Annabelle McIver Reflection and relevance in computer science - representing, sharing and reviewing computing solutions $19,999
Dr David Nipperess Exploring new worlds: using a simulated environment to discover the rules of nature $20,000
Mr Robert Parker The reading game - encouraging learners to become question-makers rather than question-takers by getting feedback, making friends and having fun $20,000
Associate Professor Peter Petocz Exploring a model for peer learning in statistics $9,166
Dr Kimiko Tsukada Mobile Language Lab (MLL) for enhancing students' learning experience and communicative efficiency in Italian and Japanese $19,980
Dr Sarah White Simulation versus practice: using authentic communication data to enhance simulation training $19,520
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