Competitive grants scheme previous winners

Competitive grants scheme previous winners


Name Unit Project Title Documentation
Dr Matthew Bailey 
Associate Professor Maree Gosper

Dept of Modern History, Politics and International Relations

Learning and Teaching Centre

Mapping student's educational pathways across delivery modes
Ms Jette Bollerup Dept of Environment and Geography Capacity building for a nurturing research environment within the university setting
Dr Mio Bryce Dept of International Studies Wakaru Tsukaeru: using animation to acquire Japanese particles via iPhone and other platforms
Associate Professor Kelsie Dadd Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences What impact does lecture attendance have on final grades in a modern Australian university?
Dr Marianne Fenech Institute of Early Childhood Enhancing student engagement with management and leadership in early childhood through a hybrid model of problem-based learning
Associate Professor Leonie Tickle Dept of Applied Finance & Actuarial Studies Computer-Aided Assessment in Finance and Actuarial Studies using STACK
Associate Professor Leonie Tickle Dept of Applied Finance & Actuarial Studies Program-based, industry-relevant assessment in Actuarial Studies
Dr Yann Tristant Dept of Ancient History 'Virtual Egyptology'. A pilot program into distance learning and teaching in the field of Egyptian Archaeology
Dr Kira Westaway Dept of Environment and Geography The Gamification of key concepts in earth science: enhancing student understanding and engaging surface learners
Dr Peter Whiteman Institute of Early Childhood Dose of Reality Archive (DoRA): Enhancing the student experience through multimedia learning objects
Dr Shirley Wyver Institute of Early Childhood Talking to parents: Community based opportunities for early childhood students to enhance their communication skills
Associate Professor Maree Gosper Learning and Teaching Centre SEET II - A longitudinal study of student's experience and expectations of technologies
Professor Anthony Parker Dept of Engineering

Training of Engineering postgraduates and teaching assistants as effective mentors and tutors in the undergraduate classroom


Name Unit Project Title Documentation
Associate Professor Kevin Baird Dept of Accounting and Corporate Governance Analysing Undergraduate Student Perceptions of a Seminar-based Learning Approach
Dr Chris Baumann Dept of Marketing and Management Student Reflection and Learning : Phase 2 Exploring Ethnicity
Professor Angela Brew Learning and Teaching Centre Stimulating strategic teaching and learning initiatives through enhanced familiarity with undergraduate research and inquiry
Associate Professor Culum Brown Dept of Biology Development of Biology participation projects in Jordan
Ms Abigail Cabrelli Dept of Biological Sciences Enhancing student learning through film
Dr Justin Dutch Office of the PVC Social Inclusion Embedding Mentoring in a 100-level subject : a pilot program
Ms Tessa Green Office of the PVC Social Inclusion Learning advisers collaborating with faculty: piloting the Macquarie University Partnership Model for mapping and embedding academic literacies into the curriculum
Ms Karina Guthrie PICT The assessment of postgraduate capabilities in a blended learning environment
Dr Mauricio Marrone Learning and Teaching Centre Learning Technologies Register: Stage 1 Database
Mr Nick McGuigan Dept of Accounting and Corporate Governance Developing the reflective professional: developing a capacity to reflect in future accounting professionals
Mr Nick McGuigan Dept of Accounting and Corporate Governance Navigating between worlds: exploring the everyday conceptions of accounting to enhance the relevancy and accessibility of the introductory accounting curriculum
Dr Robyn Moloney
Dr Linda Graham
Dr Neil Harrison
Dept of Education

Diverse teachers, diverse learners: cultural and educational backgrounds of pre-service teacher education students and their attitudes towards diversity in schools

Dr Sandie Suchet-Pearson Dept of Environment and Geography Developing undergraduate research capabilities through an applied 200 level environmental footprinting research activity
Associate Professor Massimiliano Tani Department of Economics The training, management and development of quality teaching staff at the tutor level within the Faculty of Business and Economics
Associate Professor Leonie Tickle


Threshold Concepts in Finance
Mr Toomas Truuvert
Dr Ed Watts

Communicative competencies in students' learning experiences in Applied Corporate

Dr Kimiko Tsukada

Dept of International Studies

The perception of Mandarin lexical tones by speakers of Australian English and Cantonese
Dr Sarah White Australian School of Advanced Medicine Teaching skilled clinical communication: using audio-visual recordings of actual and simulated clinical communication to enhance clinicians' communicative skills
Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto
Dr Leanne Carter

Learning and Teaching Centre

Dept of Marketing and Management

Socially inclusive practise in PACE: meeting the needs of specific learners in Participation units
Mrs Vanessa Cornelius Faculty of Business and Economics FBE First STEP Mentoring (Striving Towards Excellence Program)
Dr Geoffrey Hawker Dept of Modern History Student experience research project
  • NA
Associate Professor Leigh Wood Faculty of Business and Economics Online Gateway Units


Name Unit Project Title Documentation
Ms Judy Adnum Dept of Education Developing a framework for pre-service teacher reflective practice
Ms Maxine Brodie University Library Developing the evidence base for the evaluation of the Library's provision of Information Resources and Services in the context of the Teaching Standards Framework
Associate Professor Robyn Dowling Learning and Teaching Centre Collaboration and the doctoral learning experience: a pilot investigation of group supervision practices at Macquarie
Dr Fay Hadley Institute of Early Childhood Investigating a theory of practice: Diploma students traversing their first professional experience placement at university
Dr Elisabeth Harrison Dept of Linguistics Development of an assessment rubric for clinical viva exams
Dr Marina Harvey Learning and Teaching Centre Student reflection and learning
Dr Marika Kalyuga Dept of International Studies Addressing problems in teaching a foreign language vocabulary
Dr Mitch Parsell Faculty of Human Sciences Redesign of PSY236 and PSY246 into blended learning units
Associate Professor David Raftos Dept of Biological Sciences MAR 801: Topics in Australian Marine Science - development of case study problems using real-life Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) data
Dr Greg Robertson Dept of Education Closing the gap between in-class and out-of-class group work: an implementation of Moodle
Dr Penny Van Bergen
Mr Rod Lane
Dept of Education "But I just want to be a teacher!" Enhancing Education students' research engagement through the construction of a Research in Education Website
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