Our people

Our people


Name TitleEmailExtension
Dr Pamela Humphreys Director, Macquarie University International College and English Language Centre pamela.humphreys@mq.edu.au 6114
Dr Cintia Agosti Associate Director, L&T MUIC Programs cintia.agosti@mq.edu.au 5051
Cara Dinneen Associate Director, L&T ELC cara.dinneen@mq.edu.au 1878
Dr Onur Ates Acting Program Manager - Diploma of Commerce, Intensive Program and Standard Foundation Programonur.ates@mq.edu.au 5009
Dr Can Yalcinkaya Acting Program Manager - Diploma of IT / Engineering/ Arts Media and Communications can.yalcinkaya@mq.edu.au 5057
Rajika Rajagopalan Student Administration and Operations Managerrajika.rajagopalan@mq.edu.au 6038
Inah Matsuoka-Yi Student Services Team Leaderinah.matsuoka-yi@mq.edu.au 6116
Yinyin Liu Personal Assistant to Director yinyin.liu@mq.edu.au 5052

Administration & governance

Ruwanthi Wettasingh Finance Coordinator ruwanthi.wettasinghe@mq.edu.au 8503
Mandy Lam Student Administration Team Leader mandy.lam@mq.edu.au 6228
Gemma Louise Sherlock Student Advisor and Administration Officer gemma.sherlock@mq.edu.au 6236
Aki Shiraishi Student Administrator aki.Shiraishi@mq.edu.au 1877
Karen Li Student Administration Assistant zhongxia.li@mq.edu.au 5055
Chelsea Park Student Administration Assistant chelsea.park@mq.edu.au 5060
Paul Cattunar Student Advisor paul.cattunar@mq.edu.au 1880
Tazin Abdullah Student Advisor tazin.abdullar@mq.edu.au6171
Zac Peters Student Advisor zac.peters@mq.edu.au6108
Jessie Fong Customer Service Assistant jessie.fong@mq.edu.au 6436
Amy Earnshaw Student Engagement Coordinator and Student Advisor amy.earnshaw@mq.edu.au 7261
Claudia Zhang Student Engagement Officer claudia.zhang@mq.edu.au 4643
Nikita Singh Governance Officer nikita.prasad@mq.edu.au 6229
Andrew Bigg Administration Officer – Operations andrew.bigg@mq.edu.au 5059
Aida Pujol Administration Officer – Operations aida.pujol@mq.edu.au 6235
Durga Sivarajasingam Administration Assistant - Academic durga.sivarajasingam@mq.edu.au3105
Zoe Shi Administration Assistant - Academic zoe.shi@mq.edu.au 6034

MUIC teaching team

Name TitleEmailExtension
Dr Levente Horvath Acting Diploma Senior Teacher levente.horvath@mq.edu.au 6425
Dr Nader Hanna Acting Diploma Senior Teacher nader.hanna@mq.edu.au 9092
Karen Mills Acting Diploma Senior Teacher karen.mills@mq.edu.au 7388
Kourosh Langarizadeh Foundation Senior Teacher kourosh.langarizadeh@mq.edu.au 6230
Michelle Mora Ulate Foundation Senior Teacher Michelle.MoraUlate@mq.edu.au 
Carin Hurwitz Acting Foundation Senior Teacher  carin.hurwitz@mq.edu.au 5061
Dr Arash Mehrafrooz Diploma Teacher arash.mehrafrooz@mq.edu.au 
Dr Ehsan Milani Diploma Teacher ehsan.milani@mq.edu.au 6232
Manavjeet Kaur Diploma Teacher manavjeet.kaur@mq.edu.au 
Maxine Chen Diploma Teacher jie.chen@mq.edu.au 
Dr May Kocatepe Diploma Teacher may.kocatepe@mq.edu.au 
Dr Richard Robinson Diploma Teacherr.robinson@mq.edu.au 7323
Dr Anthony Wong Foundation Teacher anthony.wong@mq.edu.au 6232
Georgeta Stanica Foundation Teacher georgeta.stanica@mq.edu.au

ELC teaching team

Name TitleEmailExtension
Alejandra Vazquez ELC Senior Teacher alejandra.vazquez@mq.edu.au 1020
Frida Kollberg ELC Senior Teacher frida.kollberg@mq.edu.au 7955
Philip Radmall ELC Senior Teacher philip.radmall@mq.edu.au 6075
Trish Behan ELC Senior Teacher patricia.behan@mq.edu.au 9642
Juliet Milner ILC Coordinator juliet.milner@mq.edu.au 6103
Aleksandar Stefanovic ELC Teacher alek.stefanovic@mq.edu.au 
Andrea Phillips ELC Teacher andrea.phillips@mq.edu.au 4303
Ann Duncan ELC Teacher ann.duncan@mq.edu.au 
Anna Anyszewska ELC Teacher anna.anyszewska@mq.edu.au 8125
Carol Carpp ELC Teacher carol.carpp@mq.edu.au 
Cecily Van Der Hout ELC Teacher cecily.vanderhout@mq.edu.au 6037
Deborah Gray ELC Teacher deborah.gray@mq.edu.au 6030
Gamze Sayram ELC Teacher gamze.sayram@mq.edu.au 
Jose Lara Herrera ELC Teacher jose.lara@mq.edu.au 
Lesley Sender ELC Teacher lesley.sender@mq.edu.au 6075
Lesley Speer ELC Teacher lesley.speer@mq.edu.au 
Marnie-Lee Wirth ELC Teacher marnie.wirth@mq.edu.au 6103
Rebecca Wilkinson ELC Teacher rebecca.wilkinson@mq.edu.au 
Rose Harvey ELC Teacher rose.harvey@mq.edu.au 
Tony Furze ELC Teacher anthony.furze@mq.edu.au 9179

IELTS service centre

Jessica McCarthyIELTS Services and Test Centre CoordinatorJessica.mccarthy@mq.edu.au7675
Maria Jose RodriguezIELTS Services and Test Centre Administratormaria.rodriguez@mq.edu.au7267
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