Coursera for Macquarie — Free online courses for staff and students

Coursera for Macquarie — Free online courses for staff and students

Since 2016, Macquarie has been building a highly recognised and rated portfolio of offerings on the Coursera Platform. David Christian's course on Big History was the pioneer in 2016 and was quickly followed by a Specialisation (a collection of four courses) on Solving Complex Problems. In late 2017, the highly successful Excel Skills for Business Specialisation launched and has not only taken out Coursera's Award for Learning Transformation but also become one of the Top Ten most popular specialisations on Coursera. More recently, MQBS launched the Global MBA, a fully online degree that has already attracted global recognition and has recently been ranked the #1 Online MBA in Australia by CEO Magazine. Combined, the Macquarie offerings on Coursera have attracted nearly half a million learners to date.

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Coursera Response Program to Global Pandemic

Until the end of July, Macquarie staff and students can enrol in almost all of the over 3,800 courses available on Coursera. This offer is ONLY AVAILABLE via the Coursera Response Dashboard. Enrolments are possible until 31 July. Courses started by that date need to be completed by 30 September 2020 to access free certificates. Contact the Coursera Learner Help Center (also available via 24/7 chat) for questions and support.

Coursera for Macquarie — an initiative for staff and students

One of the benefits of this partnership is that Macquarie staff and students can access courses developed by Macquarie Faculty for free via the Coursera for Macquarie Dashboard. Upon successfully completing a course, you will receive a digital certificate. Usually, a paid subscription is required in order to access certificates, however, by accessing the Coursera for Macquarie dashboard with your OneID, you will have free access to all the MQBS offerings on Coursera.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access Coursera for Macquarie?

In order to access the Coursera for Macquarie offer, you must log in with your OneID via this dashboard.

To log in with your OneID, select Log in > Login with Macquarie University. You will be prompted to link your existing Coursera account with your OneID. If you do not have a Coursera account, you will be prompted to create one.

What is the difference between Coursera for Macquarie and the Coursera Response Program?

The Coursera Response Program is a time-limited offer that allows staff and students to access almost the entire Coursera Catalogues (3,800+) courses. The offer is only available until the end of September 2020 (last enrolment into courses by 31 July). Coursera for Macquarie provides free access to the Excel Specialisation and the Global MBA courses only. There is no time limit attached to Coursera for Macquarie.

Who can I contact for technical issues like passwords, certificates, etc.?

Please contact the Coursera Learner Help Center (also available via 24/7 chat).

Do I need to pay for a certificate?

No, if you access your course via the Coursera for Macquarie dashboard with your OneID, you do not need to pay.

For questions about this webpage, please contact the Macquarie Coursera team:

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