Online Courses — Free courses for staff

Online Courses — Free courses for staff

Welcome to the online courses offered by Macquarie Business School. The courses come from the Global MBA and Excel Skills for Business courses developed by the Faculty and hosted by Coursera.

How to log in

You will need to create a Coursera account using your Macquarie University staff email address. If you already have a Coursera account using your personal email address, you will still need to create a new account with your Macquarie email address to access these free courses. Note that you cannot use Sign up with your organization, you should create an account with your email address.

Once you have created an account and logged in, you click on one of the course invitation links below. You will see an invitation screen:

If you have just signed up for a new account and do not see the invitation screen, try clicking on the invitation links again. You can then accept the invitation, and you should see a Welcome screen:

You can then join the latest session and get started with the course.

Open courses from the Global MBA

Leading: Human Resource Management and Leadership

Become an adaptable leader, ready to face the challenges of the disrupted workplace. This specialisation will equip you with the skills to lead and navigate the ever-changing global environment we now work in.

  • Organisational design: Know your organisation

    How do you lead your organisation when today’s work environment is so competitive and complex? This course will prepare you to tackle this challenge head-on.

    Access to Know your organisation

  • Organisational behaviour: Know your people

    Learn how organisations have changed and now, more than ever, personnel management is crucial to organisational success.

    Access to Know your people

  • Adapt your leadership style

    Examine how transformational, authentic and inclusive leadership styles offer an alternative to the more autocratic, job-centred and controlling leadership styles of the past.

    Access to Adapt your leadership style

  • Visionary leadership, identity & motivation: Become a meaning maker

    Learn how to deliver on your vision in a way that conveys meaning and drives positive change within your organisation.

    Access to Become a meaning maker

Strategising: Management for Global Competitive Advantage

Leaders must have the ability to develop and deploy effective strategies. This specialisation will prepare you to be the strategic change-maker capable of enabling your organisation to compete into the future.

  • Supply chain management: Be global

    Learn how you can ensure your supply chains meet your customer demands while minimising costs and maximising responsiveness.

    Access to Be global

  • Innovation and emerging technology: Be disruptive

    Learn how to deploy disruptive strategic thinking to develop or protect your organisation’s competitive advantage.

    Access to Be disruptive

  • Global sustainability and corporate social responsibility: Be sustainable

    Gain an appreciation of how important sustainability will be for every organisation in the future – and how you can help achieve it.

    Access to Be sustainable

Excel Skills For Business: Essentials to Advanced

The award-winning, highly-rated Coursera specialisation on Excel (Essentials to Advanced) is available for free to all Macquarie staff

Are you one of the millions of self-taught Excel users out there?
Do you work with Excel every day but still feel that you don’t really know enough about to truly unlock this versatile staple of the most useful digital tools out there?

Excel skills are a huge asset to anyone working with data of any shape or form. The Excel team from the Faculty of Business and Economics created the award-winning Excel Skills for Business (Essentials to Advanced) specialisation on Coursera - one of the largest online learning platforms in the world.

Thousands of learners from around the globe have taken the specialisation already and reported that it has helped them improve their efficiency and productivity at work, and importantly, that their new skills are bolstering their confidence and are helping them build a better future for themselves.

  • Learn to navigate the Excel user interface, perform basic calculations with formulas and functions, format spreadsheets and create data visualisations through charts and graphs

    Access to Excel Essentials

  • Build advanced skills to manage large datasets and create meaningful reports in Excel.

    Access to Excel Intermediate I

  • Add a layer of automation and efficiency to your everyday tasks in Excel.

    Access to Excel Intermediate II

  • Become a power user of Excel. Learn how to use advanced formula techniques and sophisticated lookups, clean and prepare data for analysis and how to build professional dashboards

    Access to Excel Advanced

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