Macquarie Business School

Macquarie Business School

The Macquarie Business School consists of six academic departments and the school's five associated research centres.

The school uses insightful knowledge, innovative research, visionary analysis and thought leadership through briefings, publications and events to make a positive impact on our students and the community.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide inspiring and engaging business education and research that is useful to students throughout their careers and for solving society’s biggest problems.

Our values

Caring – as a community, we respect and value each other. We are committed to our own sustainability and we build capacity in our students to lead ethically and advance sustainability.

Impact – we make a positive difference in the world; we are anchored in business and society and committed to serving their needs.

Connection – we have a strong external and global focus, working closely with business, professional bodies, other universities and governments to provide enriched opportunities for our students and extend the reach and impacts of our research.

Collaboration – the complex, large-scale challenges we address call for integrating insights from different disciplines, and our diverse expertise enables us to bring new ideas to fruition.

Inclusivity – we take pride in the diversity of our community, which brings us strength and resilience through promoting multiple perspectives and pooling our complementary capabilities.

Global citizenship – we are part of a large and exciting global ecosystem. Our research is of global significance and endows our students with a sophisticated global world view.

Core missions

For our students, we aspire to be a place of inspiration and real-world engagement, supporting you to find your purpose and to develop the skills, knowledge and judgement to sustain you throughout your career.

For our staff, we aspire to support and challenge you as we work together to enable the creation of world-class research and develop and deliver innovative courses that inspire and support our students to achieve their goals.

For our partners in business, government and the broader community, we aspire to be your partner of choice when you seek talented graduates, independent research insight, advice and expert commentary, or development opportunities for your leaders and senior managers.

For our alumni, we aspire to work collaboratively with you to create an engaged and thriving alumni ecosystem to generate profound value for our alumni and students.

Executive Dean - Macquarie Business School

Professor Stephen Brammer
P: +61 (2) 9850 8554 
E: Executive Assistant to the Executive Dean - Macquarie Business School (
Location: 4ER 710, Level 7
Macquarie University, NSW 2109

Executive team - Macquarie Business School

Professor Rebecca Mitchell Associate Dean, Governance, Accreditation, Rankings and Business Intelligence
Professor Anne Cooper Associate Dean, Corporate Engagement
Associate Professor Vito Mollica Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research
Professor Philomena Leung Associate Dean, International 
Professor Leonie Tickle Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
Associate Professor Catriona Lavermicocca Associate Dean, Programs and Pathways (Postgraduate)
Professor Lorne CummingsAssociate Dean, Research
Professor Rahat Munir

Head of Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

Professor David Pitt

Head of Department of Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics

Professor Tom Smith

Head of Department of Applied Finance

Professor Elisabetta Magnani

Head of Department of Economics

Professor Steven GroverHead of Department of Management
Professor Aron O'Cass

Head of Department of Marketing

Associate Professor Michael Dobbie

Head of Sessional Academic Staff Unit

Ms Ann Goldwater

School General Manager

Ms Sue Davidson Senior Project Officer
Ms Christine Englund

Executive Assistance to the Executive Dean

Contact us

T: (02) 9850 1050

4 Eastern Road, Seventh floor
Macquarie University
North Ryde (Sydney) NSW 2109

T: (02) 9850 1811 (for PhD and research degrees)

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