Lecture demonstrations

Lecture demonstrations

This site is for Macquarie University academic staff to browse through the equipment and demonstrations available in our department for lecture demonstrations.

It contains:

  • A list of equipment available in our lecture demonstration lab, including pictures and the location of the equipment.
  • A list of our demonstrations including set up notes, hints, pictures and in some cases schematic diagrams is provided.
  • The location of the equipment needed for each demo is also included.

Demonstrations are categorised by topic and sub-topic.

Also included is a brief list of what can be found in the lockers.

Comments and any other feedback on information supplied is welcome. You can email Danny Cochran or call 8972.

It is hoped that this will be a useful teaching resource for all staff. This site will be constantly updated as equipment is replaced, new demonstrations are introduced or old demonstrations are revamped.

If you want a demonstration not in our collection, have a look around the web at what's available, have a chat with Danny Cochran and we'll see what we can do about funding it. If you don't ask, we don't know it's needed.


Electricity and magnetism (EM)

Electrostatics (ES)

Fluids (FL)

Gases (GA)

Mechanics (ME)

Microwaves (MW)

Nuclear physics (NP)

Demonstrations continued ...

Optics (OP)

Opto-electronics (OE)

Quantum physics (QP)

Structure of Matter (SM)

Thermodynamics (TD)

Waves (WA)

Xtra - miscellaneaous (XT)

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