Absence on duty (AOD) form

Any associate (staff/student/visitor) who is conducting business-related activities not on campus is required to submit an Absence on Duty (AOD) form before work commences. An AOD form is required at least 4 weeks prior to international travel and at least 2 weeks prior to domestic travel.

The form is required for:

  • all work more than 50 kilometres from North Ryde
  • all work taking longer than 24 hours or overnight
  • all fieldwork regardless of time and distance
  • anytime university funds are used to pay for travel or conference expenses regardless of distance

Prior to completing the AOD form be sure to visit the University's travel planning page for helpful links and resources.

Absence on duty (AOD) form - where do I submit

For assistance with the absence on duty process please see the guide for travellers and travel-approvers

Complete and submit your form via

If you require additional assistance, please email

Domestic travel

Domestic Flights (within Australia)

All flights charged to University accounts are booked through admin, with Campus Travel. Indicate your preferred flights and/or carrier when completing your Absence on Duty (note: only Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar flights are available, according to University procurement policy). Admin staff may be in touch with you to clarify before making bookings on your behalf.

Department Vehicles

Hire Vehicles

Make a booking, online or over the phone, with one of the following companies who provide discounted government rates, quoting the unique code provided;
After booking, please provide your booking confirmation to administration (required to match booking with the hire company's invoice).

Hire Vehicle Checklist

Own Vehicle

If using your own vehicle, e.g. no department vehicle available, you must provide documents to admin as part of the Absence on Duty.
We need scanned copies of current: driver's licence, car registration, and insurance.
Upon your return, staff can claim a reimbursement for per km costs with the mileage reimbursement claim form.

International travel


You are responsible for obtaining a valid visa (if required) for travelling to another country. It is critical that you begin this process early, as visa approvals can take months. Admin staff and travel agents are not visa experts, but may be able to advise.

High Risk Travel

For any international travel, you must check the risks by checking the information for that country's entry through International SOS.
If there is a medical risk or travel risk of HIGH or EXTREME, then you must complete an Individual Travel Risk Checklist.
A completed risk checklist must be sent to Risk & Assurance at least 3 weeks prior to departure.

An approved risk assessment must be sighted by admins before your travel to a high-risk destination will be booked.

International Flights

All flights charged to Unversity accounts are booked through our preferred travel agents. Admin staff will liaise between you and Campus Travel.
If you have not travelled internationally before with these agents, we will require details from your passport to ensure that tickets are booked correctly.
If you would like to obtain a flight itinerary directly, contact details of the Macquarie University-approved travel agents are below:
Campus Travel by email: or
Campus Travel by phone: 9888 2198.
STA by email: or
STA by phone: 9805 0211.
Please note the expiry date of any quotes you obtain yourself; quotes are often only valid for a few days, and we are required to wait until your Absence on Duty request is approved before paying for flights. Remember to submit your AOD at least 4 weeks prior

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