Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences. This section contains links and information to assist new staff members to acclimatise and settle into our Dept.

Academic employees - things to do before they start

  • Contact employee one week before start date - see sample telephone script for your guidance.
  • Email their new work unit introducing the new employee and noting their start date.
  • Establish whether the new employee may be bringing HDR candidates - please refer to Higher Degree Research Office.
  • Establish whether the new employee will be bringing grants - please refer to the Research Office.
  • Schedule introductory meetings with key colleagues with the new employee's first week - please refer to the examples in the induction schedule template.
  • Plan a general induction schedule of activities if start day is not on a Monday - please refer to sample schedule. University HR run induction sessions every Monday, please contact them directly to book in the new employee.
  • Allocate a Buddy to the new employee.
  • Plan a handover and access to work documents if possible/relevant.
  • Organise training schedule e.g. Foundations in learning and teaching, HDR supervisor training, systems training and load into employee's calendar - see example induction schedule.
  • Arrange for the creation of a page for your new academic - PURE research profile and on Lab/Team websites.

Building and systems access - What admin will do

  • Arrange for building access, including after-hours access by sending the employee's CDX number in an email to the admin team
  • Raise a single OneHelp ticket, called the Onboarding new staff to request everything that can be provisioned via OneHelp. This includes access to appropriate systems. You will need to list any other systems not already listed in the Onboarding new staff ticket.
  • Request to add new employee's details to the relevant staff emails and team calendars e.g. add them to O365 groups and to weekly team meeting calendar invitations etc.
  • Prepare a welcome induction pack if required. This may include local information about your faculty e.g. organisation chart, strategy papers, etc.
  • Desk allocations and ordering of name labels, door and signage board plates if required
  • Order a desktop and/or laptop and telephone or arrange transfer of current equipment to the new employee.
  • Stationery basics e.g. pens, notepad and stapler - please refer to the stationery guide.

First day, first week: Welcome and orientation

  • Provide the employee with a tour around the office space (e.g. first exit, assembly area, kitchen and lunch facilities, toilets).
  • If the new starter didn't start on Monday, contact HR to register them for the next available session, in this case, provide them with a brief tour of the campus.
  • Introduce new start to immediate work colleagues, office support staff, and to local finance, HR, marketing and IT staff.
  • Familiarise your new employee with the HR induction webpage, overview of organisational structure (i.e. Executive team, Faculty/Office Deans and team).
  • Outline the goals of the team and how these relate to the broader strategic goals of the Faculty/Office and University as a whole. Use Our University: A Framing of Futures page as a reference.
  • Ensure new starter has allocated time to complete the compulsory Work Health and Safety modules - please refer to the HR induction website and to the training modules available on the Safety at Work webpage. Lab users must also complete the lab induction module on iLearn.
  • Demonstrate the use of the telephone system and assist with the setup of voicemail - please refer to the Quick Reference Guide and User Guide.
  • Employee Assistance Program is confidential counselling, coaching and welling service. Campus Wellbeing also provides services on campus.
  • See the Department of Biological Science website for an overview, the contacts page for staff details and the staff intranet for admin processes.
  • Emergency procedures, exits ect
  • IT matters such as printing, local issues like printers, software issues are handled by Science IT. For University IT matters like phone, email and OneHelp tickets call extension 4357.
  • Reflection catch up at the end of day one (e.g. with buddy)

Getting to and getting to know the Macquarie University campus

Clarify policies and procedures

  • Introduce the new starter to HR online used to book holidays/annual leave/sick days, access payslips), payroll, superannuation with Unisuper, timesheets, leave, adding emergency contact details. Ensure staff member updates their qualifications. Refer to HR Online User Guide and the HR payroll calendar
  • To book rooms 14EAR 280 - Biology Tearoom, 6SR meeting room, 6WW 212 meeting room or 205B G04, G05 or G28 please send an email to fse.bio-adm@mq.edu.au
  • To book any other room on campus please use the campus wide booking tool
  • Staff members update their own details on the staff directory
  • Follow these directions to add an email signature to Outlook
  • See the departmental procedures for travel, fieldwork and administration
  • For information about upcoming events see the dept matters email sent out weekly. If you are not receiving the, please contact Biology Admin
  • Find out about Macquarie Uni events
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering Store is where laboratory consumables can be purchased. You need to contact Biology Admin to set-up your store purchasing access and all chemical purchase are through SciQuest
  • Stationery cupboards are located in 6SR admin photocopier area on level 2 (key at the Admin front desk 6SR 206) and 205B mail room (contact Jacqui for the key). You will need to provide an account code to enter into the log for any items taken. Any non-standard stationery must be purchased through the University contracted supplier only, NOT OFFICEWORKS!

Probation and Performance Development Review (PDR)

  • Have a discussion with the new starter and agree on goals and performance expectations to achieve within the probation period. Contact your Client HR representative if you are unsure about how this is done
  • Explain the probation process and schedule a probation review meeting with the new starter at three and five months.
  • Discuss a training plan for processes and /or system relevant to the job role

First Month: Check in and follow up

  • Schedule a catch-up meeting to review progress, clarify any further questions and provide feedback
  • Review training plan progress and revise where needed
  • Review probation progress and revise if required
  • You and your new employee will be surveyed about your Onboarding experience at 6 weeks


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