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How do I employ a casual?

Email and include employee name, position title, start and end dates, the total number of hours employee will be working, account code and the pay rate - see link for casual profession rates and position descriptors.
A biology administrator will contact the appointee to obtain relevant paperwork, which will then be forwarded to HR for processing.

Hosting a visitor - what paperwork do I need to fill out?

If you are hosting a visitor, they will need an appointment set up for the duration of their visit. The nature and length of their visit will determine what type of appointment needs to be set up.


Please inform the admin team as soon as you know you will be hosting a visitor. Visa applications for international visitors applying for University sponsored visas need to give at least 2 months notices, owing to visa processing times. Visitors are not able to request key/card/email access until their appointment has been finalised.

A brief overview of the different visitor appointment types is below, it is best to email to let them know you will be hosting a visitor, and they can guide you on which appointment type is most appropriate. Different paperwork is required for each appointment type.

Visiting scholar

Is a Domestic or international higher degree research student (masters or PhD) visiting Macquarie University to participate in a research activity related to their field of study; or
a domestic or international student visiting Macquarie University to take part in a structured workplace-based training program or internship.

Honorary visitor

Is usually a visiting academic or professional from industry. There are many different titles for this category, see here for the comprehensive list.


Is anyone who is volunteering and does not fall under the visiting scholar or honorary appointment types.

Please forward the below documentation to admin via email:

- Completed Volunteer work application form – signed by the supervisor of that area (not PhD students or honoraries)

-         - A copy of the volunteer’s C.V/Resume

-         - A copy of the volunteer's Passport (plus visa if applicable) or Driver’s licence/Identity Card

You will also need to provide an area specific induction for your volunteer.

Will this volunteer require a MQ ID Security Pass and/or email?

If so, please complete the sponsored one ID ticket. Once all of the information above is received by admin, your ticket will be approved and IT will action the job.

Has your volunteer filled out the online application form?

This is the form where we log all of our volunteers; the form lives on our website at the following address -

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