Department of Health Systems and Populations

Department of Health Systems and Populations

Our department aims to build world-class training programs and research that will underpin health systems of the 21st century.

We adhere to Macquarie’s Learning and teaching strategic framework. For support in using our teaching tools such as iTeach and iLearn, see Macquarie’s teaching technologies and tools page.

If you need to book a room, contact the property team. If you require access to the medical science laboratories, contact Diana Turnip , who will organise your laboratory safety and training session before access is granted.

Head of Department

Janaki Amin

Employee support and safety

Macquarie wants to ensure all staff enjoy a safe, happy, productive working environment. We offer support to get you started and are transparent about our employee benefits. It is important to be aware of our Safety at work policies, as well as the University's wellbeing services that range from employment support to childcare.

Macquarie University’s health and safety policy ensures a safe work and study environment for both students and staff. Students are encouraged to read our health and safety requirements should they need to report an incident or hazard. All staff are required to complete the Health & Safety Induction modules.

Department travel requirements

Step-by-step process for travellers

  1. Obtain a flight quote. Domestic quotes are to be requested from your department travel booker. Contact STA Travel/Campus Travel directly for International flight quotes.
  2. Complete travel application and attach all supporting documentation (eg flight & accommodation quotes, abstract, proof of presentation, travel diary, collaboration invitation)
  3. Sign your application then submit to your supervisor followed by the Head of Department to review/approve.
  4. Submit signed application to your Faculty/Department Administrator for processing. Administrator will check application (budget, funds and supporting docs) then arrange for Exec Dean’s approval. Once your application is approved by the Exec Dean, the Administrator will confirm and pay for flights using the nominated MQ issued credit card (staff issued, supervisor or manager).

Personal / private travel

Travellers may undertake up to seven days personal or private travel in conjunction with travel on official University business, provided:

  • the private travel does not exceed the business portion of travel
  • prior approval is obtained for the period of leave
  • all costs associated with this travel are paid for separately and from non-University funds

Travel diary

Travellers must keep a Travel Diary when travelling on University business, whether fully- or partially-funded, for:

  • all international travel
  • domestic travel of more than five consecutive nights
  • reimbursement of expenses

Travel insurance

Staff and post-graduate students travelling on official University business are automatically protected during overseas and domestic travel for the first 180 days of their trip.

Travel Insurance cover is also provided for a maximum period of 7 days for private travel taken in conjunction with business travel. This is only applicable to staff business travel; students are not covered for any private travel and should purchase their own travel insurance.

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