Department of Linguistics

Department of Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics is one of the largest and most diverse linguistics departments in Australia. We offer a wide range of programs on campus, as well as some through distance learning, within an interdisciplinary teaching and research environment.

We carry out research and PhD supervision across a wide range of areas in linguistics that can broadly be grouped into language sciences and applied language.

We also have several research groups working in language acquisition and disorders of language; language, speech and hearing; and languages in society, including applied linguistics, translation and interpreting studies and sociolinguistics.

The department is proud to be home to the Centre for Language SciencesCentre for Language in Social Life, the Applied Linguistics and Language in Education Research Centre and the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Research which includes sign language interpreting. The department prides itself on being the world's leading institution for research in Auslan, the Australian sign language.

A leading Audiology section in the department has been crucial in ensuring Macquarie's central involvement as one of five core parties in the HEARing Co-operative Research Centre. Our Speech and Hearing Clinic provides services to the community as well as placement opportunities for students.

Head of Department

Associate Professor Jan-Louis Kruger

As well as Head of the Department, Jan-Louis is extraordinary professor in the School of Languages on the Vaal Triangle Campus of North-West University in South Africa and member of CLaS. He holds a PhD in English on the translation of narrative point of view.

He has been involved in the teaching of and research into audiovisual translation for the past 16 years and has completed projects on the state of subtitling, subtitler training and subtitling and multilingualism in South Africa.
His main research interests at present include studies on the reception and processing of audiovisual translation products including aspects such as cognitive load, comprehension, attention allocation, and psychological immersion. He is particularly interested in the role of AVT in narrative perspective, with a secondary interest in educational uses of AVT. He is a co-editor for Perspectives, Studies in Translatology. His current research projects include eye tracking and EEG studies on the processing of and immersion into fiction film.

Research and funding

The Faculty of Human Sciences Research Office can help you with research-related questions, and should be your first point of contact. Further information can be found on Macquarie’s research web pages, including information on grants and funding.

If you have travel requirements for your research, Macquarie offers travel support and info.

When it comes time to present your research, our marketing and communications team can help you understand our brand and media engagement guidelines.

If you are undertaking research, you must ensure compliance with the Human Ethics Committee and the Animal Ethics Committee. You must also seek approval from the Biosafety Committee.

Employee support and safety

Macquarie wants to ensure all staff enjoy a safe, happy, productive working environment. We offer support to get you started and are transparent about our employee benefits. It is important to be aware of our Safety at work policies, as well as the University's wellbeing services that range from employment support to childcare.

Macquarie University’s health and safety policy ensures a safe work and study environment for both students and staff. Staff are encouraged to read our health and safety requirements should they need to report an incident or hazard.

All staff are required to complete the Health & Safety Induction modules.

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