Department of Educational Studies

Department of Educational Studies

The newly formed Department of Education combines the expertise of the Institute of Early Childhood and the School of Education, acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest.

Established in 1967, Education was one of Macquarie’s founding schools and we’ve worked hard to build our international reputation for the quality of our courses, research, scholarship, community outreach and service to the educational community.

We’re home to the Children and Families Research Centre (CRFC), Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC) and Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre. We also maintain strong links with the broader educational community through professional association and active involvement with education providers at all levels.

Our department is committed to maximising opportunities for young children, families and communities through research, teaching, learning and advocacy.

Head of Department

Mary Ryan

Mary joined Macquarie University in October 2016 as Professor and inaugural Head of the Department of Educational Studies. She was previously Assistant Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Education at QUT, responsible for the development and implementation of research strategy.

She has an extensive record of program development experience having co-ordinated both B(Ed) Primary and Doctor of Education programs, and coordinated a substantial higher degree research program. She is acknowledged internationally for her contribution to research in higher education, is a Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and is the recipient of an AAUT citation for outstanding contribution to student learning. 

Her research investigates discourses of literacy, learning, youth culture and teachers’ work. She applies theories of reflexivity, socio-spatiality and criticality to the ‘texts’ produced in classrooms, schools, higher education institutions and workplace learning. Current projects include investigating a reflexive approach to teaching writing in schools; developing pre-service teachers’ epistemic reflexivity to teach to diversity; and tracking the enabling and constraining conditions for teacher education students to manage the demands of the profession.

Research and funding

The Faculty of Human Sciences Research Office can help you with research-related questions, and should be your first point of contact. Further information can be found on Macquarie’s research web pages, including information on grants and funding.

If you have travel requirements for your research, Macquarie offers travel support and info.

When it comes time to present your research, our marketing and communications team can help you understand our brand and media engagement guidelines.

If you are undertaking research, you must ensure compliance with the Human Ethics Committee and the Animal Ethics Committee. You must also seek approval from the Biosafety Committee.

Employee support and safety

Macquarie wants to ensure all staff enjoy a safe, happy, productive working environment. We offer support to get you started and are transparent about our employee benefits. It is important to be aware of our Safety at work policies, as well as the University's wellbeing services that range from employment support to childcare.

Macquarie University’s health and safety policy ensures a safe work and study environment for both students and staff. Staff are encouraged to read our health and safety requirements should they need to report an incident or hazard.

All staff are required to complete the Health & Safety Induction modules.

Get involved

If you are interested in getting involved with our research, contact the Faculty of Human Science Research Office. Or for more information on how to partner with us, contact our Research Partnership Manager:

Lisa Elliott

Research Partnerships Manager

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