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Staff in our department actively engage with the community, both nationally and internationally. We have provided pro bono advice on legal matters, undertaken consultancies with government agencies, UN offices, private firms and international organisations. We undertake outreach activities with local high schools and community groups.

Our staff regularly engage with the media in commenting on national and world events. We ensure that our research connects with the world around them and can enrich the experience of the students they teach.

We adhere to Macquarie’s Learning and teaching strategic framework. For support in using our teaching tools such as iTeach and iLearn, see Macquarie’s teaching technologies and tools page. If you are having technical problems, raise a One-Help ticket to get assistance from the IT department.

Head of Department

Dr Natalie Klein

Dr Natalie Klein is Professor and Dean at Macquarie Law School and previously served as acting Head of the Department of Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. At Macquarie, she teaches and researches in different areas of international law, with a focus on law of the sea and international dispute settlement. Professor Klein is the author of Dispute Settlement and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Cambridge University Press, 2005) and Maritime Security and the Law of the Sea (Oxford University Press, 2011). She provides advice, undertakes consultancies, and interacts with the media on law of the sea issues.

Research and funding

Macquarie Law School's research is of an international calibre. Our legal research is rated above world standard (4 out of 5) in the Australian government's 2012 Excellence in Research (ERA) evaluation.

We engage in collaborative work that spans the globe, bringing together researchers from other leading academic institutions as well as intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations.

The Faculty Research Office can help you with research-related questions, and should be your first point of contact. Further information can be found on Macquarie’s research web pages, including information on grants and funding.

If you have travel requirements for your research, Macquarie offers travel support and info. When it comes time to present your research, our marketing and communications team can help you understand our brand and media engagement guidelines.

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