Student feedback surveys

Student feedback surveys

All fixed term and continuing teaching staff employed by Macquarie University are required to undertake regular student evaluation of their teaching and the units they convene, as set out in the Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement (2014). In accordance with Macquarie University policy, faculties are also required to establish an evaluation plan for their programs and units. Student feedback surveys form one aspect of this plan.

The Teaching Evaluation for Development Service (TEDS) manages the ordering and processing of student feedback surveys on teaching and units. Teaching surveys include the Learner Experience of Teaching (LET) and Individual Supervisor Survey (ISS). The Learner Experience of Unit survey (LEU) focuses on unit curriculum. There are special versions for People, Planet and PACE units.

When to order a survey:

TEDS process some thousands of surveys each year, so it is important that you place your orders early in the study period to ensure you receive your survey on the date required.

The order site opens on the first day of the study period. Note that at least 21 days notice is required between placing your order and the date you want your surveys delivered (7 days for Early Feedback Surveys); all surveys must end by the last day of teaching, including online surveys. New users are advised to view the New User section and experienced users, see the Experienced User section.

New users

If you haven’t placed a survey order before, the dot points below summarise the full survey cycle.  Please remember to order your surveys early in the study period (the order site opens from day 1 of the study period) and note that at least 21 days notice is required between placing your order and the date you want your surveys delivered (7 days for Early Feedback Surveys). Please contact TEDS for details of key dates for compressed and full year offerings.

The how and why of ordering student experience surveys

Full descriptions of each point are available through the Teaching Evaluation iLearn site.

  1. Review types of survey instruments (questionnaires)
  2. Decide - do you really need a survey?
  3. Inform your students
  4. Choose a date to administer the survey
  5. Choose your questions
  6. Place your order
  7. Receive survey pack and check contents
  8. Administer survey
  9. Complete and retain self-evaluation questionnaire
  10. Forms returned to TEDS
  11. Receive survey report once exam results ratified
  12. Interpret and reflect upon the results
  13. Consider self-evaluation questionnaire, survey report, and self-reflection exercise
  14. Summarise any changes you decide to make and share these changes with subsequent classes.

Once you have the necessary information, please start your order.

Experienced users

Place your survey order If you have:

  • Decided on the survey type you require
  • Identified any custom questions needed
  • Selected a date to administer the survey at least 21 days in the future

Survey Orders:

Please place your order by clicking the appropriate link below.

Survey History

Click here for a summary of surveys carried out (Currently only available for department and administrators).

Teaching Evaluation Contacts

Administration Contacts

For enquiries about ordering and administering TEDS surveys, please contact: or

Sandra Wu
Phone: 9850 1489

Samantha Zhou
Phone: 9850 9720

Michael Marston
Phone: 9850 9777

Faculty Learning and Teaching Contacts

ARTS Dr. Peter Keegan
W6A 236     Ext. 8819
Dr Panos Vlachopoulos
W6A 237     Ext 7938
BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Professor Leonie Tickle
E4A 608 Ext 9567
Dr. Anne Ross-Smith
E4A 715     Ext. 1149
HUMAN SCIENCES Dr. Mitch Parsell
W6A 701     Ext. 1040
Dr. Pamela Coutts
C3A 913     Ext. 8444
E6B 710    Ext. 8900
Dr. Michael Hitchens
E6A 338    Ext. 9538
F10A    Ext. 6620
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