Student feedback surveys

Student feedback surveys

Why are student feedback surveys important?

Student feedback surveys are a key component of evaluation of teaching and units for staff of Macquarie University.

Information for Students

Not another survey! Why so many?

You’ve probably noticed there’s a lot of communication coming to you from MQ at the moment, and whether it’s an email, phone call or newsletter most of these comms are seeking your feedback.

Why? The simple answer is that there are many different teams at MQ working to ensure that we maintain the best possible university experience for you, with the disruption caused by COVID-19 front of mind. We don’t want to second guess what’s going on with you at the moment - only you can give us the real story of your experience. So, whether you’re talking to us about your online learning, wellbeing, financial support required or any other aspects of your experience, your feedback will help us understand what we need to do to further support you and help you be successful.

Take a look at the feedback mechanisms and surveys below for a bit of a snapshot of the feedback mechanisms and surveys you’ll come across, some you’ll have already received and others you will receive shortly. Please take a moment to answer the call, fill in the survey or engage online to tell us how you’re going. It might sound like a cliché, but your voice and feedback will make things better for you and other students.


Teaching (LET) and Unit (LEU) Feedback Surveys (TEDS) - weeks 10-13 and accessed via the iLearn Student Feedback Survey block on your iLearn login page or via your student email

Student Pulse Check - ongoing feedback and accessed via the student newsletter, student portal or your student email (paused week commencing 11 May)

Check-in calls to students – ongoing and individual feedback via outbound calls to all current MQ students

Faculty and/or teacher surveys - your faculty or teacher may have also distributed surveys to you about more specific topics such as study plans or your learning experience


Information Sheet "Not another survey! Why so many?

Where to find surveys in iLearn:


Plan your survey

Do you need a survey?

Survey fatigue can be genuine issue for students when obtaining meaningful feedback. You should order a survey when you are required by the department/faculty evaluation cycle.

Which survey do you need?

Teaching surveys

If you have a teaching load, you are required to complete one valid teaching survey per year. The TEDS team recommend that you complete one or two per study period.

The aim is to inform reflection on your teaching practice and to support your professional development and promotion activities.

Unit surveys

If you are a unit convenor you need to ensure that your unit is regularly reviewed. TEDS suggest that formal unit surveys be carried out regularly; every second or third offering.

Unit surveys (LEU) assist the unit review process by providing insight into the student perspective on the unit.

Early Experience of Unit surveys

These should be ordered for administration in week 3 of the study period. Early surveys allow you to identify student concerns that may require immediate action.

Find out more about which surveys you need and why (requires iLearn login)

Timing is crucial

Don't leave it til last minute. Surveys will not be processed within 21 days of when you want the survey to be administered.

Let your students know ahead of time. Find out more about how and when to administer your surveys

Order your PACE Pre Survey

Use this form to order your PACE Pre Survey

This survey contains questions about students’ work experience, expectations for the PACE unit, and what they want to gain and develop through their PACE experience. This survey will be available to order from 15 July to 9 August, and can be administered from 27 July (Week 1, Session 2) until 30 August (Week 4, Session 2).

Please make sure to order your survey by 21 July if you would like it available to students in Week 1.

Order your survey

Ordering a survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

PLEASE NOTE: the start date of your order must be 21 days or more from "today" - the system will not except a lesser period.

Select from the surveys below:

You can now place orders for surveys on PACE units through the regular survey ordering pages - just follow the PACE link in the drop-down above.

View your survey results

Department summaries
Summaries of LET and LEU surveys conducted in your department. Please note that access to these pages is restricted to authorised department personnel.

Personal summaries
Your own LET and LEU survey details. You can only see surveys linked to your MQID.

Compare Your Results (iLearn login required)
Compare your LET/LEU core question results with three year averages for your department, your faculty, or the University.

Improve your surveys

There are extensive resources on the Student surveys iLearn unit, covering topics such as

  1. Sample surveys
  2. Self reflection and self assessment
  3. How to get the most out of your surveys

Visit the student surveys iLearn unit

Need help with surveys?

The Teaching Evaluation for Development Service (TEDS) manages the ordering and processing of student feedback surveys on teaching and units.

For enquiries about ordering and administering TEDS surveys, please contact

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