Design for learning

We’re developing a curriculum standards framework that will take us into the future. Strengthened and refined, it will enable us to hone our programs, integrate multichannel feedback and embed ongoing development of the curriculum into the whole of University planning cycle. Integrated with established reporting and tracking processes, it will meet our rigorous standards of governance. And that’s only the start.

Together, we are committed to designing and delivering a connected curriculum that provides connected, creative and innovative learning experiences, ensures the development of deep and broad learning outcomes, and fosters a culture that strives for excellence.

Our program-based approach to curriculum design will be three dimensional, featuring: discipline and interdisciplinary-disciplinary learning, general graduate capabilities and contemporary cross-curriculum priorities.

  1. The disciplines provide a foundation for learning and the organisation of departments across the faculties. Students are encouraged to work in an interdisciplinary manner, integrating knowledge and methods from different disciplines.
  2. General learning outcomes and capabilities reflect the way in which students require the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that can be developed and applied across the curriculum.
  3. The cross-curriculum priorities are included, so that students develop the knowledge and skills to better understand and contribute to their world. The Macquarie cross-curriculum priorities are: sustainability, internationalisation, Indigenous understandings, intercultural considerations, employability and entrepreneurship.
  • Curriculum lifecycle

    With our program-driven curriculum, our lifecycle provides guidance across program planning, design, approval, development, delivery and review.

  • Teaching evaluation

    Evaluation tools to help measure the efficacy of teaching techniques.

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