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Learning skills

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English language proficiency

Developing our students’ English language proficiency is a whole-of-institution responsibility. As the 2019 Principles of English Language Statement observes:

"Given that the standard language of instruction at Macquarie University is English, the University is committed to supporting the development of students’ English language proficiency as an integral part of their journey towards academic and professional success. Students are also responsible for continuing to develop their English through active engagement in their studies and the wider community."

The Learning Skills Unit’s guide to Developing your students’ English language proficiency: the academic literacies approach provides strategies for scaffolding the development of academic literacies, academic discourse and language proficiency in any unit of study. You are very welcome to contact us to explore options for collaboration or professional development in the areas of academic, digital and professional literacies, and English language proficiency: learningskills@mq.edu.au

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