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    Curriculum design

    Understand how the curriculum design structure works at Macquarie, as well as our relevant policies, supporting systems and resources.

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    Curriculum resources

    Macquarie Curriculum Management System (MQCMS) & Toolkit, Knowledge articles, Academic timelines and Handbook reports.

  • course life cycle

    Course life cycle

    Plan, design, amend and submit courses for approval through the various phases of the course life cycle.

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    Course components

    Create or amend course components, such as majors, minors and specialisations, for review and approval.

  • unit life cycle

    Unit life cycle

    Plan, design, amend and submit units for approval through the various phases of the unit life cycle.

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    Career development learning

    The career development consultants at Macquarie provide academic staff with assistance on how to enhance student employability within the curriculum.

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    The Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) program provides a range of experiential opportunities for undergraduate students to learn in the real world.

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    Learning skills

    The Learning skills unit supports a range of activities for scaffolding the development of academic literacies and language proficiency in the curriculum

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    Embedding capabilities

    Discover how other key skills and capabilities are embedded into the curriculum at Macquarie.

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