Academic integrity

Academic integrity

Our scholarly community upholds the academic integrity values of honesty, respect, trust, responsibility and support. These values inform and strengthen teaching, learning, research and professional practice at Macquarie.

As teachers and researchers, it’s our collective responsibility to equip students with the mindset and capacities to act ethically and with integrity during their course of study.

Know our academic integrity policies

Model academic integrity in your teaching space

Completing the Academic Integrity Module (AIM) at 1000-level gives students foundational knowledge of academic honesty and ethical academic practice. However, the ongoing development of skills and capabilities that support academic integrity occurs within the context of course and unit teaching.

Encourage academic integrity amongst your students by:

Design assessments for academic integrity

Investigate, report and manage alleged breaches of academic integrity

Connect your students with support

Students struggling academically may be more inclined to breach academic honesty. Take a pro-active approach to referring your students to University support services:

  • The Learning Skills Unit provides free academic skills and assignment help resources to all coursework students.
  • Librarians can help students locate appropriate academic source materials.
  • The WriteWISE program delivers peer-led academic writing support to all coursework students.
  • The Numeracy Centre offers support with maths and numeracy-based subjects.
  • Wellbeing provides students with holistic personal support.
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