Applying for AHEA Fellowship at Macquarie

Applying for AHEA Fellowship at Macquarie

The Advance HE Fellowship program is open to all academic and professional staff who want professional recognition for their teaching practice and effectiveness, and learning support and leadership.

Process and timelines

2020 AHEA Fellowship @ Macquarie

  • Information sessions: Held throughout the year
  • Application workshops: Held from February
  • Review of draft applications: From February
  • The University will cover costs for the writing workshop, application review, and application fees for all approved applicants.


Macquarie University applicants are required to attend a full-day workshop, which is mandatory for all registered AFHEA, FHEA, and SFHEA applicants. AHEA Fellowship Writing workshops are run by Advance HE-accredited facilitators.

The workshop includes:


The length of your application depends on the category of Fellowship for which you are applying:

  • Associate Fellowship: 1,400 words, including citations
  • Fellowship: 3,000 words, including citations
  • Senior Fellowship: 6000 words, excluding citations
  • Principal Fellowship: up to 8000 words.
Obtaining supporting statements Applicants need to obtain Supporting Statements from Referees who are senior, peer, or junior colleagues, who are currently working, or have worked in higher education institutions, in Australia or internationally.
Reviews of application Following participation in one Writing Workshop, applicants will then produce a draft application for review. Applicants will have their full draft application reviewed by an AHE-accredited reviewer before submission to AdvanceHE.


All Macquarie AHEA Fellowship applicants lodge their applications directly with AdvanceHE through the AdvanceHE My Academy portal.

Please notify the AHEA Fellowship program convenor/s (details below) before lodging your application to confirm your registration and to receive instructions on how to lodge through the University AHEA program.


All AHEA Fellowship applicants will be notified directly by email:

  • When the Application has been received by AdvanceHE
  • When the Application has been allocated to an Assessment Panel
  • When the Panel has made a decision on the Application.
Successful applicantsWill be notified of successful award of Fellowship by email, as will the Macquarie contact if you have specified this at the time of lodging your application.
Additional information requiredIf additional information is required before Fellowship can be awarded, the applicant will be emailed feedback, along with a request for revision and re-submission.
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