Australia Financial Review Higher Education Awards

Australia Financial Review Higher Education Awards

The AFR Higher Education Awards (AFR awards) recognise the contribution that the Higher Education sector makes to Australian prosperity and quality of life.

Awards are open to academic and professional staff. The categories for 2019 are:

  • Community Engagement Award
  • Education Technology Award
  • Emerging Leader Award
  • Employability Award
  • Equity and Opportunity Award
  • Facilities Innovation Award
  • Industry Engagement Award
  • International Education Award
  • Learning Experience Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award.

Important information

  • Macquarie can only submit one application per category
  • Staff interested in applying must contact their Associate Dean Learning and Teaching and/or team Directors and the Office of the PVC L&T well in advance of deadlines to express of interest (EOI) in applying
  • The Office of DVC/A, in consulation with senior stakeholders, will review EOIs and make a final decision on appplicants going forward
  • All applications will be submitted by the Office of PVC Learning and Teaching on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor.

Key dates

  • 1 May 2019: EOI to the Office of PVC L&T
    • EOI needs to include the category you wish to apply to, activity (program/project) title; a 200-word summary of the activity, and evidence of previous award recognition.
  • 3 June 2019: Final nominations to the Office of PVC L&T
  • 28 June 2019: The Office to submit endorsed nominations to AFR.

2019 AFR Higher Education Award Winner

Winner: Equity and Opportunity Award

The LEAP UP Mentoring program won the AFR Equity and Opportunity Award in 2019.

This category is for strategies or initiatives that have significantly improved participation rates, engagement, educational outcomes, personal development opportunities, or employment opportunities of under-represented or non-traditional student groups.

2017 AFR Higher Education Award Winner and Finalist

Winner: Employability Award

The PACE team project entitled Enhancing the Employability of Macquarie Graduates won the AFR Employability Award in 2017.

This Award is for strategies or initiatives that have demonstrably enhanced student employment outcomes (i.e., resulted in a higher rate of relevant employment upon completion of a course). Initiatives focussed on improving the performance of students already in employment, or on improving the institution’s ability to gather and interpret meaningful data around employment outcomes, are also eligible when such improvements can be compellingly evidenced.

Finalist: Community Engagement Award

The National Indigenous Science Education Program was a finalist of the AFR Community Engagement Award in 2017.

This Award aims to recognise strategies and initiatives that bring together students and external communities or community groups in a way that delivers significant and demonstrable benefits to both – and contributes meaningfully to the educational and social goals of the Higher Education sector.

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