• Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework

    Our strategic framework places students and their success at its centre. We want our students to learn, achieve and develop themselves through their learning and teaching experience at Macquarie University.  The vision is to enable them to become civic-minded citizens who will be prepared for the future world of work.

    • Student engagement and collaboration

      Our approach to teaching is informed by evidence that the modern student is likely to learn best when face-to-face experience is combined with sophisticated and interactive digital resources. In a world of amazing technological change, we explore how the digital and physical campus experience can work to engage bright, curious minds in the process of learning.

      • Design for learning

        We’re developing a curriculum standards framework that will take us into the future. Strengthened and refined, it will enable us to hone our programs, integrate multichannel feedback and embed ongoing development of the curriculum into the whole of University planning cycle. Integrated with established reporting and tracking processes, it will meet our rigorous standards of governance. And that’s only the start.

        • Teaching at Macquarie

          At Macquarie, learning is a voyage of discovery for students and teachers alike. As teachers, we are responsible for guiding the generations that follow helping them to discover the world, new ideas, and themselves. Our framework gives us the means to chart our course and create a valuable and memorable experience for every student. It encourages us to embrace uncertainty and thrive in a changing environment.

          • Learning technologies and spaces

            Online and blended learning augments traditional learning practices allowing students to learn at any time and anywhere. We're motivated to look for ways to adapt and embrace new technology to enhance the learning experience. Behind the scenes, our sophisticated analytical systems identify students in need of support, enabling early intervention and ensuring every student has the best possible chance to succeed.

            • Recognition, awards and grants

              We deliver excellent learning experiences for students through our passionate, dedicated teachers. Committed professionals, they enable our strategy, live Macquarie’s values, engage with students and bring our learning framework to life. We encourage them to enhance and expand their capabilities and reward and recognise their achievements.

              • Faculties, schools and colleges

                Our University is structured to deliver the majority of its education experiences through five core faculties, which together represent some 34 different departments. Macquarie’s colleges and schools work alongside the faculties to provide niche learning experiences, supplementary education, and a range of services that enhance and extend the learning experience.

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