Learning and teaching support

At Macquarie, teaching is centred around student success and providing a transformative learning experience that will empower students to realise their full potential. We want our students to be civic-minded citizens, with an enthusiasm for lifelong learning who will be prepared for the future world of work.

  • teaching @ macquarie


    Understand our learning and teaching strategic direction, access support for new and current teaching staff, get to know our teaching spaces and key terminology.

  • quicklinks

    Quicklinks for teaching

    Learning and teaching support team information in Faculties and MUIC, library teaching support information and quick links in one place for your convenience.

  • curriculum

    Curriculum and assessment

    Essential information on the Macquarie University curriculum, assessment, academic integrity and micro-credentials.

  • technologies and tools

    Technologies and tools

    Information on all the technologies and tools available at Macquarie to support your teaching. Support resources can be found on iLearn, iTeach, AVTS, educational media, portfolium and library systems.

  • support students

    Supporting students

    Students are at the centre of everything we do in learning and teaching. Learn more about the wide range of support services available to students to ensure their experience is transformative and engaging.

  • teaching development

    Teaching development and recognition

    We support our staff to expand their capabilities as well as recognise their achievements. Learn more about professional learning opportunities and awards.

  • policies

    Policies and strategies

    Learn about the important policies, strategies, frameworks and governance that guide learning and teaching at Macquarie.

  • keep up to date

    Keep up to date

    News and events for Macquarie’s learning and teaching community, including our blog TECHE and contacts in the learning and teaching portfolio.

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