Macquarie University's OneNet hosts a variety of networks including, WiFi, Wired, VPN and Eduroam that allow staff and students to stay connected.

OneNet Anywhere (VPN) - MFA required

OneNet Anywhere (VPN) lets you connect from anywhere in the world. Whether working from home or travelling, you can easily access the University network. Staff or Students who needs OneNet VPN, must submit a OneHelp request* and obtain approval.

Multifactor Authentication is required when connecting to OneNet VPN. It uses the same MFA as your Office365. To setup your OneNet VPN, please find guides below:

Setup OneNet Anywhere

OneNet Anywhere FAQs

* This link will bring you to the OneHelp login page, click Request something and login with your OneID credentials, you will be brought to the VPN request form.

FAQ for setting up MFA for OneNet Anywhere

Q: I have a University provided computer and it needs an admin password to install any software.

A: Please log use this OneHelp form to log a OneHelp request, our IT staff will contact you to assist you. Please ensure you include a contact number so we can call you.

Q: When installing the VIA client, I get “Aruba virtual intranet access 4.2.0.xxxxx Setup Wizard ended prematurely” error.

A: Most people are able to resolve this issue by restarting the computer then install the new version again. It sometimes may take a couple of restarts to make it work.

If the restart doesn’t work, you may need to follow the steps below to resolve:

  1. Go to C:\Program files
  2. Find the Aruba Network folder, rename it to Aruba Network old (If you cannot rename it, this means the client is still running. In this case, you will need to end it from the task manager* and then go back to rename it)
  3. Restart the computer
  4. Install the new version again.

*Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and click Task manager, find the Aruba Virtual Intranet Agent and press End task.

Q: I am stuck at “Fetching Authentication Servers…..” after I try to download the VPN profile.                                                                                    

A: This can happen at the profile creation step, it usually because of the server takes a little longer to respond. You may need to try again in a few minutes.

Q: I have setup MFA for my Office365 email but I can't login to VPN, I get the "Extended user authentication failed. Verify user credentials" error.

A: Have you logged in and used OneNet VPN after August 2021?

If you haven't sign in to use OneNet VPN for a while, you will have to re apply for the OneNet VPN access. Please log a OneNet VPN request with the reason you need VPN access, provide the URL or name of the system that you need access to and our system team will get back to you.

If you have successfully signed in to OneNet VPN recently but it just stopped working for you, please check the version of your VIA client. If you are using one of the older version (current version is 4.2.0), you will need to upgrade. you may download and install the new version of VIA client via this link: Setup OneNet Anywhere

Q: I have setup MFA for my Office365 email, I am a using Linux and I cannot connect to my VPN.

A: We currently only support Windows and Mac operating systems. Linux is not officially supported by Macquarie University. All support are best effort only. Please visit this link to download the package and installation guide.

If you could not get it working, you may need to use a Windows machine or a Mac if you need to connect to VPN. Using virtual machine may also be an option. However, if you have no alternatives, please use this OneHelp form to log a OneHelp request, let us know why you need VPN access on Linux. Please provide the exact URL or the name of the system and the reason you need access. Our IT staff will contact you to assist you. Please ensure you include a contact number so we can call you.

OneNet WiFi is our campus-wide wireless network

Macquarie OneNet WiFi is the easiest, most convenient every-day way for students and staff to connect wirelessly to our campus network and the internet with a set-and-forget personal connection.

Setup OneNet WiFi

OneNet WiFi FAQs

Events Wifi if you are running a Macquarie hosted event involving external users who do not have OneID or Eduroam access, you can request for an Events Wifi code.

Submit an Events Wifi request

OneNet Wired is our reliable super-fast network

OneNet Wired: is the campus wide network that provides communal computer and telephone communication for all wired outlets. For staff and approved students.

Setup OneNet Wired


Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to access the internet when visiting other universities by using credentials from their own institution.

Connect to Eduroam

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