Data storage

Data storage

There are a number of data storage options for Macquarie University staff including, Science IT storage, NeCTAR Research Cloud, CloudStor+, Research Data Storage Infrastructure and Truth, Macquarie's repository for digital documents.

Macquarie's extensive research programs have led the university to pursue world class data management systems.

Storage options at Macquarie

Science researchers

If you are a member of the Science Faculty, the Science IT storage program provides secure data storage.

All researchers

Low-volume: (up to around 10 GB) if you require low-volume storage performance and this data is shared with Macquarie staff, you can use Macquarie's Truth system. Truth creates descriptors about your datasets and provides version lists and search facilities.

Medium volume: (above 10 GB) if you require greater than a low volume of storage  and need access for a team which includes non-Macquarie collaborators, log a OneHelp Request.  Include 'Research Data Storage Request' in the email subject.

Storage options beyond Macquarie

Federated Australian research cloud – NeCTAR Research Cloud

The NeCTAR Research Cloud allows researchers to publish research data, share knowledge and rapidly deploy and access software applications without the burden of operating your own computer servers.

Provisions for up to 100GB, stored in Australia – Cloudstor+

CloudStor+ helps researchers securely send and store files in the cloud. Macquarie is a member of AARNET (Australia's Academic and Research Network) and has access to CloudStor+. Authentication and authorisation are  provided via the Australian Access Federation (AAF)

Records management


Truth is Macquarie's repository for digital documents. Benefits include:

  • Version control: Truth allows users to upload a different version of a document and capture the history of each version with a time stamp and footprint of the person who made the modification. It also allows users to download and open older versions.
  • Access control: Truth offers the flexibility to self-manage fine grain (file) or course grain (folder) access depending on the requirements of the user.
  • Search by metadata: Truth captures and stores both content and metadata (information about files/folders) of every item stored. It automatically indexes metadata, enabling users to have more search flexibility.
  • Search by content: Truth also performs  full content indexing.
  • Security: Truth syncs with Macquarie University's Active Directory and allows access only to active staff members.
  • Audit log: Each activity is captured in an audit trail.

Professional staff

Storage gives faculty's and departments a place to store working files.

Note: limited storage is available. Please contact the IT Service Desk for more information.

File sharing

Cloudstor+ is a major platform for file sharing and storage. Google Drive and Office 365 are also used across the University.

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