Recruitment essentials

Recruitment essentials

This information was designed as a general guide for hiring managers to help them conduct effective and transparent recruitment and selection. It provides good practice strategies and recommendations to assist with sourcing and selecting the best possible candidates.  

Human Resources are available to advise on your specific hiring need and assist you at various stages of the recruitment process.

  • Sourcing applicants

    Read about how to source a pool of suitable applicants: whether to recruit internally or broaden your search to the external market, advertising channels and when and how to engage recruitment agencies.

  • Selecting candidates

    Find out about longlisting and shortlisting methods, conducting effective interviews and additional assessments to ensure a robust and transparent selection and help you choose the best person for the role.

  • Pre-employment checks

    Learn about pre-employment checks to ensure the information the candidate provides is accurate and the University meets its legislative obligations.

  • Talent e-recruitment

    Information for hiring managers and selection committee members on how to access and use Talent e-recruitment system.

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