Direct appointment

Direct appointment

Such circumstances are:

  • fixed-term appointments of up to twenty-four months
  • fixed-term grant funded appointments determined by the granting body, such as the Australian Research Council or Australian Learning and Teaching Committee
  • where it is part of a staff member's return to work program
  • where a staff member is redeployed or transferred to a comparable position to mitigate the effects of workplace change in accordance with the relevant Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement
  • where a candidate has been deemed appointable through a competitive selection process but was not appointed and the same role or a similar role becomes vacant in the following twelve months
  • a role that requires a highly specialised skill set which does not exist in the University, including the ability to take advantage of the opportunity to engage eminent academics or professionals.

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See direct appointment for more information.

Requisition to commence a direct appointment process is made through the Talent e-recruitment module.

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