Independent contractors

Independent contractors

Independent contractors maintain control over the methods and times used to perform the work.

Contractors are not paid a salary, but will submit an invoice when they need to be paid.

Examples of circumstances when you may consider engaging an independent contractor include:

  • When the University does not have specific expertise in-house (e.g. contractors can manage the work while the employees are getting trained in specific work method, or even provide that training).
  • For fixed-term projects and to manage emergencies and workload fluctuations.
  • To retain expertise of employees who no longer want to be permanent employees of the University (e.g. those who are phasing out into retirement or resigning due to family or other commitments).

Need more help?

If you wish to engage an independent contractor, refer to the Purchasing Procedure and the Procurement Handbook.

To provide a contractor with access to Macquarie University email and required systems, submit a OneHelp request for a sponsored OneID.

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