Direct appointment

Direct appointment

Macquarie University is committed to an open and competitive selection process as the preferred approach to recruiting for permanent and fixed-term positions.

There are legitimate exceptional circumstances, however, when a person may be directly appointed into a position without going through the competitive selection process. As per the Recruitment Procedure, such circumstances are:

  • fixed-term appointments of up to twenty-four months
  • fixed-term grant funded appointments (e.g. fellowships funded by Australian Research Council grants or Australian Learning and Teaching Committee funding)
  • where it is part of a staff member's return to work program
  • where a staff member is redeployed or transferred to a comparable position to mitigate the effects of workplace change in accordance with the relevant Macquarie University Enterprise Agreement
  • where a candidate has been deemed appointable through a competitive selection process but was not appointed and the same role or a similar role becomes vacant in the following twelve months
  • niche roles that require a highly-specialised skill set which does not exist in the University
  • appointment of eminent academics or professionals (e.g. a world leading academic in a particular field of research). This may also involve teams, e.g. research teams led by the eminent academic
  • other circumstances at discretion of the Director, Human Resources.

For clarity, a competitive selection process may be conducted in these circumstances, but it is not mandatory.


Consult with HR

If the appointment satisfies one of the criteria outlined above, the hiring manager should advise their HR Client team that they wish to directly appoint someone.

Obtain approvals

Set up a job card in Talent e-recruitment module to raise a job requisition and obtain approvals.

Discuss the position with the candidate

In most circumstances, it will be appropriate to conduct a discussion or interview with the candidate prior to appointment to clarify expectations of the role.

Conduct pre-employment checks

Reference checks

In most circumstances, it is recommended to conduct at least two reference checks for the person being directly appointed, preferably with a person who has had direct supervisory responsibility for the person within the last two years.

Other pre-employment checks

Conduct any other pre-employment checks required for the position.

Offer of employment

Making an offer

All offers of employment must be made in writing by HR on the University approved employment template to ensure compliance with the relevant legal instruments. Under no circumstances should anyone other than HR make an offer of employment (including verbal offers).


The candidate may not commence employment until they accept the offer of employment.

Visa requirements

All appointed staff members who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, are required to hold an appropriate Australian visa. Employment at the University cannot commence until an appropriate visa with the relevant work right condition is obtained.

The University may sponsor appointments from overseas. Information on suitable visa types and visa process is outlined in Working rights and visas. The hiring manager should notify HR as early in the process as possible when visa sponsorship is required.

Conflict of interest

Individuals involved in the appointment process, must declare any conflict of interest (actual, potential or perceived) to the hiring manager and any other people involved in the direct appointment process, and agree to a reasonable management plan.

The management plan will vary depending on the level of conflict and may include, for example, stepping out of the process altogether through to obtaining a higher level of approval for the appointment.

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