Recruiting via competitive selection

Recruiting via competitive selection

Recruiting via competitive selection means that a vacancy is advertised and a candidate is selected from a pool of applicants following a merit-based competitive selection process.

At Macquarie, a competitive selection process is required for all permanent and fixed-term positions (academic and professional), except where direct appointment is appropriate. See Recruitment Procedure for more information.

Recruitment process

  • Step 3: Selection

    Review applications, conduct interviews and any other selection methods, and select the preferred candidate.

  • Step 4: Offer

    Perform reference and pre-employment checks, arrange for the offer to be made and advise candidates of the outcome.

Roles and responsibilities

Hiring Manager

The hiring manager identifies the recruitment need and initiates recruitment. The hiring manager has oversight of the recruitment process and will ensure that:

  • recruitment is conducted in accordance with approved staffing plans
  • the recruitment and selection strategy is developed in consultation with HR and is appropriate for the role
  • funds are available to cover the costs of the position
  • pre-employment screening requirements, including working with children checks, are identified
  • selection criteria are appropriate for the role
  • minimum reference check requirements are conducted for the preferred candidate(s)
  • unsuccessful interviewees are notified, via phone where possible, and provided with feedback (where requested) in a timely manner
  • confidentiality is maintained throughout the selection process
  • principles of merit-based selection, equity and fairness are upheld throughout the selection process.

Selection Committee

The role of the selection committee is to fairly assess the merits of each candidate and recommend the best candidate for appointment.

Each member of the selection committee is responsible for:

  • assessing the merits of each candidate against the selection criteria
  • declaring any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest
  • participating in interviews and other selection methods as required
  • recommending successful candidate for appointment
  • maintaining confidentiality throughout the selection process.

See Selection Committee composition schedule for information on committee membership.

Human Resources

HR plays an advisory role at all stages of the recruitment process, including advising on the recruitment strategy and selection methods.

HR is also responsible for:

  • validating the Position Description and determining the position classification level for professional staff
  • arranging advertising
  • notifying candidates who were not shortlisted for interviews
  • arranging pre-employment checks as required
  • issuing letters of offer and any variations to the offer.

Recruitment procedure, forms and templates

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