Recruiting casual professional staff

Recruiting casual professional staff

A casual professional staff member is engaged and paid by the hour. Macquarie University employs casual staff to assist with peak work periods, temporary work assignments and where there is an irregular pattern of work.


  1. Determine the job and task requirements for the casual professional position.
  2. Contact your HR Representative to determine the appropriate HEW level for the position.
  3. Obtain funding approval for the casual position.


If you decide to advertise, contact your HR Representative.


Whether you advertise or not, the selection process will, at a minimum, consist of:

  • a CV provided by the candidate
  • consideration against the job and task requirements, and candidate's education and skills, which may include an interview process.

If you are conducting interviews, use the Interview Guide Template (PDF) | Interview Guide Template (Word). For tips on conducting interviews refer to Selection methods.


Perform pre-employment checks

Contact preferred candidate/s

After conducting reference checks, contact the preferred candidate/s to discuss the expected work opportunity.

Do say:

  • Let them know they are the preferred candidate
  • Confirm they are still interested in the casual work opportunity
  • Reiterate the anticipated details of engagement
  • Confirm next steps


  • Entering into a verbal employment contract
  • Making undertakings or commitments that do not have faculty or department approval

Notify unsuccessful candidates

If the offer is accepted, advise other unsuccessful candidates. It is good practice to provide feedback to candidates who were interviewed. For more information, see providing feedback to candidates.

Complete appointment form

To make a new casual professional appointment:

  • Complete Casual Appointment Form
  • Obtain required approvals
  • Email the approved form and copies of supporting documents (Tax File Declaration Form, proof of right to work in Australia and CV) to Payroll.


Appointment - Casual Professional Staff (PDF)
Appointment - Exam Supervisor (PDF)

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