Orientation and induction

Orientation and induction

Preparing your new employees for their first day and beyond is an important part of making employees feel welcome and equipping them with the information they need to ensure a smooth induction to the university.

A guide to orientation

These are practical steps you can take to ensure your new staff member has a smooth induction to the University.

Use the Academic staff on-boarding checklist or Professional staff on-boarding checklist to help keep track of what needs to be done.

1. Connect with your new staff member

Call your new staff member to welcome them to Macquarie University. During the phone call confirm:

  • their start date,
  • the location of their office,
  • what time they should arrive on your first day,
  • dress code requirements (if any),
  • their standard working hours and days, and
  • the date and time of any induction activities.

It is also good to ask if they have any specific requirements such as building access, office furniture, equipment or storage requirements (e.g. for medications).

2. Assign an Induction Coordinator

An Induction Coordinator can assist you with administrative tasks and ensures that your new employee is set up with the relevant tools and has everything he/she needs to hit the road running.  If there is no Induction Coordinator, it is expected that the Hiring Manager takes full responsibility of these tasks.

3. Assign a buddy 

A Buddy is a person who can partner with your new employee during first few weeks and who can answer frequent general questions. The buddy should be available to meet  new employee on their first day, and meet them before and after induction sessions.

4. Prepare work space and IT access 

Ensure that your new employee has the required IT access from day one by:

  • submitting a OneHelp onboarding ticket for systems access
  • arranging access to required network drives

Arrange a work space and provide the following items where required:

  • stationary
  • printer, fax and scanning information
  • phone instructions / voicemail
  • keys
  • organisational chart of your faculty / department  
  • key contact list for department/office 
  • map of campus (with notes indicating coffee shops, parking, library, office, etc.)

Staff who attend an induction session will have the chance to get their campus card during the induction.

5. Prepare schedule for first few weeks

Prepare a schedule for your new staff member's first few weeks. Include:

  • date and time of induction session/s 
  • introductory meetings with key colleagues (eg. Executive Dean, Faculty GM, Director of Office)
  • allocated time to complete new staff training modules 
  • allocated time to conduct handover or provide any handover notes 
  • a meeting with the UniSuper consultant (optional)

Start with the following induction schedules templates and amend as appropriate:

6. Meet and greet on day one 

Meet and greet you new staff member on their first day. 

  • Introduce them to their team 
  • Introduce them to their local Finance, HR, Marketing and IT representatives and other key contacts 
  • Provide tour of the department/office, and explain fire exists, assembly points and facilities 
  • Talk through the prepared schedule
  • Collect campus card at MUSE (or wait to do this at induction)
  • Check in with your new staff member at the end of the day

6. Set expectations in initial probation meeting 

  • Discuss organisation, faculty/office and team objectives
  • Discuss what you expect of them as part of the initial probation discussion 
  • Discuss with the new staff member his/her development needs
  • Discuss training options and review training progress

For more information see Probation.

Induction sessions

Induction sessions form a part of your new staff member's orientation, and are designed to introduce your new staff member to Macquarie University and provide them with the right information to get them started in their new role. 

Induction sessions are held for both fixed-term and continuing academic and professional staff, and for casual academic staff.

New fixed-term and continuing staff

New fixed-term and continuing staff are invited to an induction session hosted by Human Resources. These are held every Monday and are a chance for new staff to meet other newcomers, finalise employment documentation, and be introduced to Macquarie University’s vision, values and strategic priorities. Attendees will collect their staff cards and have the option to take a campus tour.

Casual academic staff

New casual academic staff member will attend three paid induction sessions. Your Department Administrator can inform you of the available session times. Resources related to these sessions are available in a unit within iLearn.


Obtain information around classroom management and complete the Tutoring Induction Program (TIP).

2 hours


Acquire a campus card, learn how to use the lecterns, and find out about the University's emergency procedures.

2 hours

Unit Convenor

Meet with your convenor to discuss course content, class lists and room locations and ask any questions you may have.

1 hour

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