Recruitment and induction

Recruitment and induction

At Macquarie University, we are committed to making every appointment count.

Our recruitment, induction and probation processes are designed to attract, recruit and retain suitably qualified, skilled and diverse employees who can contribute positively to the University’s strategic values and objectives.

We strive to provide candidates and new starters with a positive experience of the University while ensuring merit-based selection and application of fair, reasonable and consistent standards. For guidance on ensuring fair and inclusive recruitment practices at all stages of the recruitment and onboarding process, see the Inclusive Recruitment Guide.

  • Recruitment

    Read about recruitment options to suit your hiring needs, essential steps of the recruitment, selection and appointment process and how to make effective hiring decisions.

  • Orientation and induction

    How to prepare your new staff member for their first day and beyond to welcome them and ensure a smooth transition to their new role and Macquarie University.

  • Probation

    Learn how to conduct the probation process to determine if there is an appropriate match between the person and the role and to ensure the best outcome for the new starter and the University.

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