Managing complaints

Managing complaints

Managing conflict and complaints can be challenging. When presented with a complaint, managers will first need to identify the type of complaint and the most appropriate policy or procedure. Seek advice on which of the different policies and procedures for managing different types of concerns, complaints and reports of wrongdoing from staff and students is the most appropriate.

If a staff member has a concern, complaint or grievance, read the Macquarie University Complaint Management Procedure for Staff. It is important you understand your responsibilities under this procedure and seek further advice and support. The following people/teams can support you:

  • your own supervisor or manager
  • your human resources client team
  • the Workplace Equity and Diversity Unit
  • the Legal Office (if the matter is very serious and/or you require legal advice).

The following video demonstrates the key steps for responding to complaints at Macquarie University. A one-page discussion guide (PDF) accompanies the video.

This checklist (PDF) can help you through the process of handling a complaint and remind you of the steps to consider when you have a complainant with you.

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