Online systems

Online systems

The University provides staff access to a number of systems that manage core services and functions as well as specialist systems for faculties and departments. Access to systems is by login using your OneID: your MQ number and password unless stated otherwise.


Academic interface with the student system.

Fast emergency messages and notifications anywhere and any way you need them.

Alerts Help


Academic Management Information System (AMIS)

Manage academic processes


iLab is Macquarie University's personal computer laboratory on the Internet, enabling students to use the Microsoft Windows applications they require to do their university work from anywhere, anytime, on anything.

Australian Access Federation

Access participating external Higher Ed and Research organisation web apps. Enables access to online resources for the Education and Research sector.


Paperless committee meeting software. Paperless committee meetings solution with an ability to manage meeting papers both on tablets and PC.

BoardPad Help


Calumo login


System for managing credit card expense approvals.


Macquarie University's image catalogue.

Cumulus Help


Datamart is Macquarie’s system for data analytics, reporting and collaboration to improve precision, alignment and accuracy.University wide reporting/ BI platform using Databank as the source of truth.

Datamart Help


Datamodel is the platform for the university's budgeting and forecasting system

Datamodel Help


Dataswitch is the Macquarie University product for integration and asynchronous messaging between applications. It provides fast, reliable, fault-tolerant data delivery using open standard protocols.

Dataswitch Help

Echo360 Active Learning Platform

The Echo360 Active Learning Platform is the University's lecture recording system. The platform includes other features to make lectures interactive, with in-class activities such as polls and quizzes.

Echo360 Help


Bibliographic referencing software for PC

Download EndNote

Finance One

Financial management system



Key acronyms, abbreviations, terminology and definitions in use at Macquarie University.

Google APPS

Google Apps accounts are used for Youtube, Google+, Google Scholar, Google Drive, Maps, Earth Licensing, Google Groups. Google Apps is available to all students and staff with a current OneID on a personal opt-in basis (Mail and Calendar for Students only).

Getting started with Google apps

HR Online

HR Online is a web self-service facility which allows staff members to access their payroll and employment details 24 hours a day.


Online learning management system.

iLearn login

International Admissions Data

International Admissions Data is Macquarie’s system for reporting International admissions and commencements data for past, current and upcoming intakes.

Macquarie University's application to centrally manage the payment of invoices.

Invoices login


The Research & Innovation (IRIS) system tracks, processes and administers research management at the University.


Manage iLearn spaces and unit guides. University's online unit creation and enrolment system.

IT Status page

A real-time view of live operational status of MQ IT systems and services.

Laptop Loan

Reliable, supported, temporary laptop delivery.

Laptop Loan Help


Unit reading list management system.

Library MultiSearch

One-stop search across Library resources.

Linkedin learning (formally

Students and staff have access to the online Lynda video library of courses.


with your Macquarie University account to access MQCMS.


Product and software development issue and defect tracking.

OneForge Help


Campus-wide digital signage communications platform.

OneVision Help

Policy Central

Policy Central is the single source for all approved University policies, procedures, guidelines and schedules.

Research Hub

Macquarie University's Research Hub – one place to view and edit your profile and research data.


(Risk Online Active Reporting) is the university’s online system for reporting risks and hazards find out more about ROAR, or make a report.

Accident, Injury and Hazard reporting for all students, staff, visitors and contractors.


Branded surveys, collect data for analysis and generate reports on targeted survey responses.

Surveys Help


Recruitment, Induction and Performance modules. Personal development review system, also used for recruitment.


Voice, data and communication information at your fingertips.

Telephony Help


TermFinder is designed to help beginning students understand technical terminology. It explains the meanings in accessible language with examples of their use, links to their pronunciations and diagrams or illustrations wherever possible.


Find information about units and programs.


Macquarie University Relationship Tracking. University wide CRM system- used extensively for enquiries and student process

Tracker Help

Truth is Macquarie University's secure, durable and authoritative repository for digital documents. It offers online document storage, record archival, workflow processes and document sharing.

Unit Guides

Macquarie's online Unit Guide repository. Unit Convenors use it to write, publish and view Unit Guides, and to map units against the University's graduate capabilities

Unit Guides Help

Web room booking

For Macquarie University staff members looking to book a campus room.

Web Room Booking login


The wiki is a place for knowledge, collaboration and information to be shared amongst the Macquarie University community in a way that is positive, informative and constructive.

Wiki Help

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