Human Resources

Pay, allowances and timesheets

  • Higher duties allowance PDF
  • Mileage reimbursement form PDF
  • One-off payment PDF
  • Thesis examiner claim form PDF
  • Additional hours and overtime claim - Professional Staff PDF
  • Exam supervisor timesheet for external exam supervision only PDF
  • English Language Centre timesheet for casual teachers PDF



  • Cashing out of annual leave - Academic Staff PDF
  • Cashing out of annual leave - Professional Staff PDF
  • Application for purchased annual leave
  • Application for annual leave in advance PDF
  • Application for long service leave at half pay PDF
  • Application for parental leave PDF
  • Application for Indigenous cultural leave PDF
  • Application for study time PDF

Working hours, flexible work and outside work

  • Change to working days or hours PDF
  • Flexible work application Word
  • Outside work application Word


  • Position classification request PDF


  • Phone Screening Guide PDF Word
  • Interview guide PDF Word
  • Reference check for Academic Staff PDF Word
  • Reference check for Professional Staff PDF Word
  • Selection committee report PDF Word

Appointments: casuals, exam supervisors, scholarship holders

  • Casual Academic Staff appointment PDF
  • Casual Academic Staff appointment - Full Unit Delivery for Macquarie Business School only PDF
  • Casual Professional Staff appointment PDF
  • Casual MUIC Teaching Staff appointment  PDF
  • Exam supervisor appointment PDF
  • Scholarship holder appointment Word PDF


  • Academic Staff probation  Word PDF
  • Professional Staff probation  Word PDF
  • MUIC Teaching Staff probation Word PDF


  • Distinguished Professor Award Nomination Word
  • Professional staff development grant - Individual application Word PDF
  • Professional staff development grant - Group application  Word PDF

Academic promotion

  • Application for promotion Word
  • CV template Word
  • Head of Department Report Word
  • Independent referee nomination (for applicants to Levels D and E only) Word

Transitions and departures

  • Cessation of fixed-term appointment PDF
  • Pre-retirement contract application PDF

Honorary academic titles

  • Request to Confer an honorary Academic Title Word
  • Visiting Scholar appointment Word
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