Standard agreements and templates

Standard agreements and templates

Legal Services has approved a number of standard agreements/templates for use in a range of common transactions.

When to use standard agreements/templates

Standard agreements/templates can be used where no changes are required to the terms of the agreement or no special conditions need to be inserted.  Legal Services must review and approve any change to the standard agreements.

How to use standard agreements/templates

  • The standard agreements/templates contain highlighted fields in a cover table. These fields highlight information that must be completed.
  • Some standard agreements/templates have accompanying guidelines. These guidelines must be read before the agreement is used.
  • Some standard agreements/templates also contain highlighted information in the body of the document. These are optional or alternative clauses that must be reviewed to see if they are applicable. If they are applicable they should be included and if not, they should be deleted. If you are in doubt, contact Legal Services.
  • All highlighting must be removed from the document and all highlighted text not required must be removed. Any guidance notes in the body of the document must also be removed.
  • Standard agreements/templates are updated regularly and should be downloaded from the Legal Services website as needed. This ensures that the latest approved version is used.

Who may sign standard agreements?

Standard agreements must be signed in accordance with the University's Delegation Register.

Agreement to provide Services

Master Services Agreement - IT services

Memorandum of Understanding

Plain English Manual

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