Managing the University’s compliance

Given the vast number of legislation and regulation that apply to the University, we have taken a risk based approach. Grouping the legislation into categories we have established a schedule of reviews with key stakeholders. The aim is to identify the key controls and educational requirements to support our performance against obligations. For more information on our review process contact

Macquarie Corporate

Macquarie Corporate includes the University and its controlled entities which are covered by legislation and regulations regarding the operations and governance.

Macquarie University Act

Macquarie University Act 1989 sets out the boundaries for the operation of the university and the delivery of services.

Privacy and personal information

The suite of Privacy Acts set out how the University collects and holds, personal and medical information. For this reason, the University is not permitted to collect, disclose, store, transfer or dispose information without an individual’s consent.

Privacy relating to a Request for Information – (RFI)

The University will only disclose personal or health information when it has obtained consent from the relevant individual.

To verify consent by an individual, the following proof is required:

  • a consent signed by the individual that authorises the University to disclose the requested information
  • two forms of photo identification (for example, a driver license and passport)
  • Macquarie University student or staff identification number.

If you are unable to provide the documents outlined above, you are required to issue a subpoena to the University. please click here.

PID- Public Interest Disclosure

Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 governs how wrong doing is reported and handled at the University and to Ombudsmen. There are 3 Officers at the University who are here to assist you

  • Director of Human Resource
  • Chief Financial Officer- CFO
  • Chief Operating Officer - COO.

Scholarship of Discovery, Teaching and Learning, Integration and Application

Legislation and regulations relate to the delivery and support of academic programs:

  • Privacy Act
  • Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1198
  • Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002
  • Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 (NSW)-PID
  • Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998
  • Ombudsman Act 1976 (NSW)
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency-TESQA
  • Education Services for Overseas Students -ESOS
  • National Health and Medical Research Council -NHMRC
  • Australian Research Council grant schemes -ARC
  • Gene Technology Act 2000 and Biosecurity Act 2015
  • Animal Research Act 1985 (NSW)
  • National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007)
  • Radiation Control Act 1990 (NSW)
  • Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act 1985 (NSW)
  • Defence Trade Controls Act.

Specific industry legislation:

There are specific legislation and regulations that the University we also adhere to which include:

  • Health and safety
  • Anti discrimination
  • Corruption
  • Medical, hospital and public health
  • Sport and recreation
  • Retail and asset management
  • Childcare
  • Accommodation and hotel
  • Building and asset.

Detailed information on these Acts can be found Australasian Legal Information Institute.

For a more comprehensive list of the legislation or seek additional support or information contact:

Detailed information on these Acts can be found Australasian Legal Information Institute.

Other situations

There are some situations that don’t quite fit into a piece of legislation but you know of feel that something is not right. You can find guidance in the following ways:

If you would like more detailed information regarding the legislation the University must comply with you can find it at Australasian Legal Information Institute.

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