Office of General Counsel (OGC)

Office of General Counsel (OGC)

The General Counsel’s Office is responsible for the provision of legal services to the University, including providing legal advice to the Council, the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, senior executives and other officers of the University. OGC also co-ordinates any external legal services provided to the University. OGC does not provide advice to students or personal advice to staff. Alternative options for obtaining advice are provided under the FAQs.

Requesting legal services

To request legal services, please complete the Legal Services Checklist and email it to Please include details of any timeframe, background information and also provide copies of relevant documents. Your request will be allocated to a University Solicitor who will contact you and acknowledge receipt of your request as soon as practicable. If the matter is urgent, contact OGC directly by phone or email.

Standard agreements and templates

OGC maintains a library of standard agreements and templates for use in a range of common transactions. These standard agreements and templates can be used where no changes are required to the terms of the agreement or no special conditions need to be inserted. OGC must review and approve any deviation from the standard agreements, please see ‘Requesting Legal Services’ and complete a checklist.

Signing documents

Agreements must be signed in accordance with the University’s Delegation Register.

Execution clauses

OGC provides the following templates for signing clauses for documents.

University seal

The seal of the University may only be affixed to a document in very special circumstances following a resolution of the Council. Any enquiries regarding affixing the University seal should be directed to OGC.

Justice of the Peace

A Justice of the Peace is available on campus to certify documents Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm to 3pm at Student Connect, 18 Wally’s Walk, Level 2, MUSE.

Our people

General Counsel

Carol Kirby 9850

University Solicitors

Janna Zeglis9850
Li Yen Ng 9850
Lloyd Doherty9850 7441
Melissa Barhy 9850
Stephen Baxter9850

Administrative Staff

Constance Tok 9850
Jane Neal 9850
Julie Smith 9850

Office of General Counsel Portfolio

The portfolio of the Office of General Counsel also includes the following Units:

  • Archives and Records Management
  • Governance Services
    • The remit of the OGC includes the University's Governance function which includes the corporate and academic secretariat and policy unit.  For further information please contact the Director, Governance Services on
  • Digital Information Management (Truth)
    • Enquiries regarding the University’s Digital Information Management (Truth) should be directed to:
    • Alex Zionzee Tel 02 9850 7367 or
  • Internal Audit
  • Compliance & Privacy
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