Room bookings 2

Room bookings 2

Are you a Macquarie University staff member looking to book a Campus room for casual use? 

This Web Room Booking system is now available for use, streamlining all associated business processes and delivering a faster and more productive service for staff.

Longer term it may also be opened to students and/or adapted for student equipment bookings.

Some quick notes before you log into the system: 

  • For central teaching rooms, class enrolments need to be settled before they can be booked in Week 3 of Semester
  • There are a small number of exceptions which can be checked by choosing the option "Booking inside semester allowed"
  • Also, all rooms are available during the Tuesday 1-2pm teach free period for casual bookings
  • Teaching continues to be booked through separate timetable processes
For bookings from 25 January 2016 onwards Login to the 2016 system


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