Signage project

Signage project

Changing how people find their way around our Campus

Over the last four years Property has undertaken a significant review of wayfinding signage across the entire campus, including consultation and workshops with representatives from various faculties, departments and stakeholders. The new internal and external wayfinding signage is based on the 2014 Campus Master Plan and the new university branding strategy.

The University has commenced the installation of new internal and external wayfinding signage across campus including:

  • external wayfinding signage
  • wayfinding signage into the campus
  • boundary signage with new branding (entrances and main vehicle entry markers)
  • internal building wayfinding signage (undertaken during a major building refurbishment)
  • removal of  'legacy' signage.

What is changing?
The existing three-digit code used to identify buildings on campus will be replaced with a street name and number addressing system, as is used in public streets. Example below:

Building Name Current New
Library C3C 16 Macquarie Walk
MUSE C7A 18 Wally's Walk
Campus Hub C10A 1 Central Courtyard


Initially buildings will use both identifying conventions until the completion of the project.

Room numbers (such as Y3A 212) will not change. Current building and room numbers will still be used in timetables, with new building addresses provided as supplementary information. Room numbers and signage will be updated during major building refurbishments.

Property will:

  • liaise with stakeholders to identify issues and discuss how to minimise the impact of the transition to the new building addressing system.
  • conduct information sessions commencing in December 2015 and throughout 2016 for any interested staff, providing more details about the project, planned rollout and the transition to the new addressing system.
    (email if you are interested in participating in a staff information session)
  • provide printed and soft copy versions of the updated campus maps.
  • provide an address directory which will outline all current building identifiers and provide new building addresses.


Please contact Christian Ulloa, Project Manager - Property with any questions.


Signage Project Information Sessions - 2016

Briefings were held three times per month in December 2015 and January, February and March 2016.  If you require information, please contact Christian Ulloa on ext 1374 or email: .


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