Campus Car Parking Projects

Campus Car Parking Projects


As part of the continuing overall Campus development, and reflecting the long term planning approvals (Concept Plan 2009) and latter Master Plan (2014), it is intended that the South 2 (C2, C3, E1) multi deck car park will be demolished to allow construction of 8-10 University Avenue as a new space for Innovation, integration of industry partners with the University and also space for University use.

To compensate for the demolition of South 2, construction will commence in January 2017 on some new parking projects, to maintain the parking balance when South 2 is demolished, and in addition, to upgrade some existing car parks to improve the parking experience and simplify parking for all users.

Project status


West 3 (X3, W4, X4) car park

West 3 (X3, W4) car park will undergo refurbishment and some minor reconfiguration to improve entry and exit, circulation and pedestrian safety as well as compliant disabled parking. Work is scheduled for completion in mid-March 2017. The western section of West 3 (X4) will be closed to parking for a period from February to mid-September 2017 to enable construction of the Innovation Hub on 12 Hadenfeld Avenue alongside the Faculty of Arts building.


West 5 (X8) car park extension

West 5 (X8) car park, which currently holds 586 vehicles, will be extended westward towards Culloden Road to create an additional 746 spaces, bringing its total capacity to 1332. When completed in September 2017, West 5 will be available for University permit parking.


West 6 (X13 - 'Overflow') car park

The existing informal ‘X13 overflow’ car park to the south of Gymnasium Road and above the Aquatic Centre pools will be upgraded and extended to create 280 new carparks When completed in late 2017, this car park will be available for University permit parking.


The new works and initiatives are not intended to increase the parking numbers on campus and serve only to maintain the Government mandated status quo by offsetting those at South 2 car parks which will be demolished. The works will however:

  • Improve the overall parking experience through better traffic management and circulation; and
  • Provide much improved pedestrian safety with marked pedestrian routes and lighting throughout

Design features

West 3 car park will have improved entry and exit points off Balaclava Road and Western Road, better circulation with 2-way aisles, painted pedestrian walkways and CCTV cameras, help points and ticket machines. 

The West 5 extension will be constructed of grass reinforced mesh with bitumen roadways similar to the existing car park, and include pedestrian walkways, storm water drainage, a bio-filtration pond, lighting, CCTV cameras and help points.

West 6 will be constructed of grass reinforced mesh with bitumen roadways, pedestrian walkways, lighting, CCTV cameras and help points.

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