Biological science building

Biological science building



The project is to provide a new Biological sciences PC2 laboratory and research facility for Macquarie University.

The facilities will consist of:

  • open laboratory space
  • specialist PC2 laboratory
  • special purpose rooms including electrophysiology and microscopy areas
  • controlled environment rooms including PC2 Insectary
  • associated administration and plant rooms

The development is to form part of the previously proposed future stages of the existing biology building (W19F) within the Fauna Park precinct.


The proposed facility is to provide:-

  • additional PC2 laboratory research space for functions associated with current grants for:
    •  Raising Qfly Sterile Insect Technique to World Standards - SIT plus; and 
    • Centre for Fruit fly Biosecurity Innovation. ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre.
  • new office space and laboratory space for the department of Biological Sciences.

Design features

  • The building has been designed to utilise the natural fall of the land
  • Total building footprint approximately 3500m2
  • Open office areas for researchers with large breakout spaces that are designed to work as mixed mode ventilation to reduce ongoing operational expenses
  • 30kw PV solar array

Sustainability initiatives

  • Natural ventilation / mixed mode conditioning for administration areas
  • Increased insulation
  • Building fabric designed to BCA Section J compliance
  • 30kw PV Array
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Use of 4/5 Star WELS rated fixtures to reduce water usage by up to 25%

Further information

Bradley Mortimer

Project Manager


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