12 Wally's Walk (E7A) refurbishment

12 Wally's Walk (E7A) refurbishment



This project was the refurbishment, life-cycle upgrade and complete fit-out of the existing eight levels of E7A.

It included an upward expansion to create a level nine and an outward expansion which has enabled the use of the area between E7A and E7B in the form of a glazed atrium.

The project also included interface fire engineering works to E7B.

Project status

12 Wally's Walk was completed in February 2017 and was ready for the commencement of Semester 1.  The building was officially opened on 7th June 2017.


The following departments from the Faculty of Science are housed in this building:

  • Environment and geography
  • Earth and planetary sciences
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • ARC core to crust fluid systems
  • Risk frontiers
  • Several science administration groups

It includes a vastly improved science student centre which provides a MUSE-like gateway to the faculty. The atrium will house a café and lounge area.

Design features

  • Total refurbishment of the 12 Wally's Walk tower for Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • New lift and toilet core located outside the original building envelope
  • New atrium coffee spot and student administration area

Sustainability initiatives

  • Adaptive re-use of existing structures
  • High performance, Low-E glazing
  • Natural ventilation of the atrium when weather permits
  • Zero energy thermal chimneys to assist atrium air flow
  • Underfloor heating to the atrium to reduce space heating requirements
  • Solar panel system to supplement electrical supply
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