Property Projects

Property Projects

Property is responsible for supplying management services for building projects and project management of capital works, minor works and refurbishment projects.

As part of Our University – A framing of Futures, Strategic Priority Six is our focus:

‘Developing a vibrant and sustainable campus, clearly at the centre of a rapidly changing neighbourhood in the international, cosmopolitan city of Sydney.’

What's happening on Campus?

View our Campus Development page to find out about our current, future and past projects.

What type of works do we look after?

Major developments

  • Master planning
  • New buildings (academic, commercial and multi-purpose)
  • New infrastructure works (including roads, energy, transport and drainage)

Refurbishments and minor building upgrades

  • New partition walls and doors
  • Refurbishment of offices, teaching rooms and laboratories
  • Refurbishment of kitchens and other university spaces

Infrastructure maintenance

  • Concrete paths, ramps and steps
  • Earthworks
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Paving
  • Signage

Building repairs and maintenance

  • Air-conditioning
  • Carpet replacement
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Furniture replacement
  • Hydraulics and plumbing
  • Locksmith and security
  • Painting

How do I request new work?

Step 1 – approval from your office

Document your request and discuss with the dean of your faculty or head of your office to gain approval and sign-off.

Step 2 – send request to Property

Send your request to Property by way of a BEIMS request, Property service request or phone call to customer service on ext. 7145.

Step 3 – Property will review

Property will review your request and a representative will be in contact with your office or faculty.

Step 4 – project sign-off and funding

Once your request has been approved, fund negotiations will begin with your office or department.

Once the project has been signed off completely, the project will be allocated to a project manager from Property.

Step 5 – design process and planning

The project manager will advise you of options for your project.  The design process will begin and plans will be produced, local council approvals will be sought if required and tendering will begin.

Step 6 – construction starts

During construction, the project manager will monitor progress and provide periodic updates. Post construction, the project manager will ensure that everything has been completed and will complete handover to your department or office.

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