Property services

Property services

Macquarie University Property provides a wide range of key building, infrastructure, development, investment and asset management services across the North Ryde and City campuses.

For all repairs and maintenance issues with buildings or grounds, you will need to lodge a service request.

View the campus master plan which acts as a framework for identification and planning for projects that will benefit the University.

The design guidelines provide direction and guidance regarding the University’s requirements for staff, consultants and contractors.

Property keep records of all spaces on campus, how it is used and which department it is allocated to in the form of floor plans.

A draft Notification Plan for pesticide use in outdoor areas of the Macquarie University's North Ryde campus currently on exhibition.

Filming on campus request

If you are an individual wishing to photograph or film on campus please email our Customer Service.  All Media requests are to go through Marketing.

What's happening on Campus?

View Our campus page which has information about our current and past projects and future plans.

Want to find out how to go about requesting a new project for your faculty/department?

Property is always building, renovating, restoring and changing the campus environment so that it remains the relevant and vibrant asset that serves our community.

Contact property

Customer Service and General Enquiries

(02) 9850 7145


(02) 9850 9999 (Emergency)
(02) 9850 7112 (Security Operator)
Available 24/7

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