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Macquarie University Property is responsible for the planning, development, management and maintenance of the University's infrastructure and buildings, looking after the space and facilities required for the University to achieve its learning, teaching and research goals.

As part of Our University - A framing of Futures, Strategic Priority Six is our focus:

'Developing a vibrant and sustainable campus, clearly at the centre of a rapidly changing neighbourhood in the international, cosmopolitan city of Sydney'

About us

Macquarie University Property provides a wide range of key building, infrastructure, development, investment and asset management services across the Macquarie Campus.

Property is responsible for the Master Plan and development concept level,  project management of developments, refurbishments and minor works, and also the management and maintenance of our assets (building and grounds).

Property also manages the following services on campus:-

What's happening on Campus?

View our current, future and completed projects as part of our Campus Development Plan.

Design guidelines

Macquarie University Property Design Guidelines have been prepared for staff, consultants and contractors to provide direction and guidance to the University's requirements in regard to design and documentation of Macquarie University projects.

The Guidelines cover Strategic Planning, General Design, Space Types, Component Specs and information about the Master Plan which was completed in 2014.

The Master Plan has been strategically aligned with the Vision and Strategy of the University 'Our University - A Framing of Futures'.  It provides a reference framework which will allow flexibility to accommodate future infrastructure and space needs while enhancing the existing qualities of the University's campus.

More information about past, current and future projects at Macquarie University is detailed on our Campus Development page.


Property Asset Management is responsible for the management of the Macquarie University Academic, Research and Commercial Precincts, comprising of approximately 300,000 sqm of gross floor area in over 80 buildings and car parks.

The 126 hectare Campus includes:-

  • office space
  • retail
  • service facilities
  • Macquarie University Library
  • Macquarie University Hospital

Asset Management brings together an experienced team of property professionals with expertise in the areas of strategic asset and leasing management, property and estate management, facilities and engineering management, sustainability and customer service.

If you have any questions about present or upcoming leasing opportunities, please contact Chris Mackinlay, Senior Asset Manager, Property via email.

More information about Asset Management and Property can be found on the Property Services page.

Expressions of interest

Macquarie University Property has a Pre-qualification Scheme whereby contractors and consultants can apply to be placed on the Selected Tender List. Receipt of Pre-qualification does not guarantee that engagements or work of any kind or quantity will be offered.

For more information please contact Chris Mackinlay:

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