Mail services

Mail services

Macquarie University Property looks after internal and external mail services on Campus, including domestic and international mail. There are also a number of mail services and products available on campus.

Daily mail delivery and pickup

Mail deliveries and pick-ups to occur at dedicated times in the morning and/or afternoon and the mailroom is cleared by the end of each day. Mail is delivered daily or twice daily depending on volume. Domestic Mail is processed by the mailroom and handed to Australia Post twice daily. International mail is taken to the mailroom contractor’s depot at the end of each day for processing.

External mail - addresses outside the University

Put fully addresses items in your Office or Faculty mail box which is cleared daily. All envelopes marked "Postage Paid Australia" must go through the internal mail room for processing. Unstamped mail put in a street post box runs the risk of being returned to the University and double-charged. This fee will then be charged to the Department responsible for the incorrect mailing.

Internal mail - within the University

To send an item, use an internal mail envelope and place in your Office or Faculty mail box. Make sure the address includes the recipient's given name and surname with Department or Faculty details. You can include the Building address and Room number; however, the mail is delivered according to Department, not building.

Mailroom location

The central mailroom for Macquarie University is located at 4 Link Road (Building Y4A).

The best way to access Link Road is from Culloden Road, in the vicinity of the Shell Service Station on the corner of Epping and Culloden Roads.  Deliveries can be made directly to the Mail Room loading dock between the opening hours of 7am - 3pm.  Refer to the Campus map to see the location in relation to the rest of the campus..

Phone the mailroom on 9850 7171 before visiting, just in case it is closed temporarily.

Other mail services

International post

Items to be posted overseas are collected with the external mail. Make sure you address the item correctly including the destination country. If you are sending anything other than a document overseas, then you need to fill in a customs form here listed below on this page. If you are unsure, contact the mailroom on extension 7171.

International mail customs declaration

A customs declaration (invoice) form needs to be completed when:

  • sending anything other than a DL, C5, C4 or magazine by standard international mail
  • sending anything via Priority Pack or other courier (door to door express service)

In general, if you are unsure, complete a declaration to ensure that there are no delays.

You can also use a green customs sticker (CN22) which is available from the Mail room or any Australia Post office when sending standard International Mail.

Express Post

Different size satchels and envelopes are available and can be ordered from the mailroom (remember to quote an account number). Express Post items will be collected with the external mail from your faculty or office.  Ensure the correct envelope or satchel is used for your mailed item. Do not exceed the stated weight limit on the envelope/satchel as an incorrect item or weight sent in an Express Post envelope/satchel (e.g. CD/DVD in a document-only envelope), will cause additional Australia Post fees to be charged back to the University. These fees will then be charged back to your department.

Registered mail

To send an item by registered mail you will need to go to the mailroom. Mailroom staff will fill out the form and supply a Registered Post sticker for the item to be mailed. If you already have a form, fill it out, put it with the item to be mailed and put both in the external mail for the department or faculty.

Reply paid service

A Reply Paid address allows your respondents to reply by mail free of charge. When you apply to use the Australia Post reply paid service you will receive artwork free of charge from Australia Post to be used to print the Reply Paid envelopes. The artwork shows the return address and a barcode containing all the information in the address. You are charged only for the replies returned to the University and at a lower rate than regular mail. The number of articles returned are counted in the mailroom and charged to your account.

You need pre-printed envelopes with a bar code to be able to use the Reply Paid service. To organise the artwork and printing of your envelopes contact Group Marketing on 4393.

More information is available on the Australia Post reply paid website.

There is also an option for International Reply Paid service.

Buying stamps

Stamps, envelopes and a variety of other postal and fax services are available at The Spot in the Campus Experience building.

Mail tracking

Standard mail international or domestic mail cannot be tracked. Mail sent by courier through the mailroom can be tracked. The University uses TNT for courier mail which can be tracked on the TNT website using your consignment note number.

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