Scribbly Gum Generation

Scribbly Gum Generation

Scribbly Gum - generations

When the Property team sought seedlings from our local nurseries, we ran into a problem – there weren’t any of the local scribbly gum species commercially available.

The resulting project to collect and propagate seed from significant native trees on campus has recently resulted in a healthy new generation of trees in the ground.

Sustainable landscape management encourages use of species local to an area. The university is fortunate to have over fifteen different varieties of local native trees, and many more local shrubs, occurring as remnant stands around the Campus. This inspires us to work with what we’ve inherited, and sustain these populations as best we can.

In recent years, several stands of mature Scribbly Gums on campus were succumbing to age-related decline, and very few young trees were coming up to replace that mature generation. Now the outlook is more optimistic.

Visually striking among the locally native trees found around the campus, the Narrow Leaved Scribbly Gum (Eucalyptus racemosa) is one of the larger of Sydney’s Scribbly Gum species. At maturity, these gums attain heights of 15-20 metres, and trunk girths of up to 1.5 metres.

The initiative has not only let us replenish trees local to the campus. Our seed source has filled a former void in the native plants market, with our partnering nursery now able to offer locally-sourced Eucalyptus racemosa plants for the first time to others across this part of Sydney.

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