Campus food co-op


Locavores students in shopYou remember the Wednesday produce market that used to be over by the Lincoln Building? It's now in a retail space just next to Mac Shop. The Locavores are the student group behind it. They believe in the benefits of eating a local diet – it’s healthy, good for our planet, and it supports local farmers. 

They have big plans. This campus used to be a market garden, and they want to reconnect to our roots. They want to see food forests, cooking & gardening workshops, closed-loop composting systems, and chickens. Lots of chickens. This retail space is a small step towards this vision. 

You like? Support them in any way you can – purchase produce, spread the word, like them on facebook, or join their student group.


Every Wednesday during term time


11am - 2pm


The Locavores store, next to Mac Shop, Macquarie University.

Alternatively, the Harvest Hub Market brings local Sydney basin produce to Macquarie University staff and students every Saturday outside the Sports and Aquatic Centre, 8am - 2pm.

Harvest Hub

Harvest Hub® is a social enterprise providing local and Australian fresh, seasonal produce & groceries. This is done through the "MACQUARIEU01 SUSTAINABILITY" Hub available for pick up on Tuesdays between 3 - 5pm from the Sustainability Cottage (Y1A), Macquarie University. 

Joining a hub supports Sydney Basin and local growers/food manufacturers, reduces food miles, is inexpensive and reduces time, money and the frustration of shopping. Harvest Hub helps empower communities to take control of their food supply and reducing their reliance on big supermarkets.Harvest Hub logo banner

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